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Microsoft Teams

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What is Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams is an online platform that allows the school to share resources with students and provides a means for students to contact teachers for support.

Please make sure that you regularly check for more work to complete or for information and revision material your teacher has posted there.

How do I log on to Microsoft Teams?

Click Here For Teams

Who should I contact if I am having trouble with the work set?

If you are having trouble understanding any of the classwork set for you, you should contact your class teacher. You can do this by using the Teams chat if it is enabled or by E-Mailing. If you are unsure of your teachers E-Mail, you can find them on any Departmental Contact page found on the menu of the curriculum section of the website. See below:

Who should I contact if I am experiencing difficulties with accessing Teams?

If you have any questions about Microsoft Teams or are unable to access Teams from home please contact either of the following E-Mails:

Name Role E-Mail
Mr W Charles IT Technican
Mr K Jones Head Of Year 7 
Mrs A Dyer Head Of Computing
Miss G Leslie Teacher Of ICT & Computing