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Curriculum Statement

Our aim is to provide an excellent education for all our students. Our ethos of ‘Learn, Aspire, Exceed’ is rooted in a desire to bring out the best in all students and prepare them for success in life. We want our students to be ambitious, innovative and digitally confident. Our students are fully supported in finding a sense of individuality. Our vision in this 21st century is to develop students as global citizens to face the challenges and opportunities of the world beyond school


Our curriculum provides students with the knowledge and experiences required to demonstrate positive academic progress, with a growing emphasis on developing the whole child to be successful, not only in their examinations, but developing the skills and attributes needed to be a successful adult.

Our curriculum is rigorous and challenging; creative and inspiring; diverse uses a range of formative assessment to identifying gaps in knowledge and skills and intervening to meet the needs of our students and motivating them to achieve through our rich and engaging curriculum. Our curriculum is one which promotes examination success and recognises personal achievement at all levels. We ensure we are up to date on all curriculum changes and strive to provide the most suitable curriculum for all our learners.


Through our ever increasingly close working relationship with our primary partner schools both in and outside of the Trust due to our belief in valuing partnership working, we are able to provide a bespoke appropriate curriculum experience for our students that goes beyond those who have EHCPs, or those identified as not being secondary ready.


The breadth of the curriculum expands as students’ progress through the school in order to address our schools and the Trust’s value that we must provide a suitable curriculum for all students.  During this they experience the highest possible quality of education, highlighted by our Trust’s value of excellence for all. 


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Physical Literacy

Physical Literacy can be defined as the motivation, confidence, physical competence, knowledge and understanding to value and take responsibility for engagement in physical activities for life (International Physical Literacy Association 2017). Promotion of physical literacy can enable our students to be physically literate and supports their development as competent, confident and healthy movers.

Physical Literacy can serve a bigger purpose within the physical education program and across the broader curriculum. Physical literacy isn't just a set of skills learnt in PE class, but was a lifelong journey to find meaning in movement and to be well prepared to live life to the fullest. As we work to further enrich our curriculum offer opportunities to develop different aspects of physical literacy are presented, for example:

  • Strive/Nurture/Gardening club – gardening and new allotment project
  • In personal development:
    • Relationships and Sex Education and consent – how to behave
    • Cancer awareness/avoidance
    • Interpersonal and work skills
    • Managing anxiety/wellbeing
    • Gambling and addiction management
  • Within drama the use of gesture, physicality and facial expression at all key stages as part of performance
  • In Nurture opportunities for:
    • Sensory Pathway
    • Time out yoga
    • Learning outside the classroom – cycling, bush craft, using tools in workshop
    • Gardening, climbing, canoeing

Physical literacy is embedded through and can be evidenced within the PE curriculum.

  • In year 7, students are taught the fundamentals of movement patterns using popular games activities such as Football, Netball, Rugby and Hockey, physical activities such as Fitness, Dance and Gymnastics and other activities such as OAA, Table Tennis and Athletics.
  • In year 8 and 9, students build on these fundamentals and start to express themselves using these skills to discover ways to solve problems that arise in these activities.
  • In year 10 and 11, students are taught tactics and strategies in order to outwit opponents and are given time to develop these into lifelong habits to take away with them after they finish school.
  • Students who opt to study Physical Activity can do so using Sports Studies and Sports Science, within these subjects they can see how the Principles of Training are applied, How movement is produced, How the body responds to exercise and the value of demonstrating good moral values within sport.


We continue to embrace opportunities to support every aspect of our student’s development and promoting physical activity for life and the positive outcomes it can support.


Extracurricular Activities

We  organise a wide range of extracurricular activities to develop our students skills, talents, interests and expereince and to help them take a greater ownership of thier learning and future.

These opportunities include clubs in and after school, school trips, sports fixtures and charity events.

Please look at the download section to the left for details of the clubs taking place in school and the trips on offer this academic year.