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Speech, Language and Social Communication

This may include:

  • Understanding language.
  • Using language.
  • Understanding how to communicate socially with other people.

It includes conditions such as Specific Language Disorders, ASD/ASC (Autism), Asperger Syndrome, speech sound disorders/delay.

What Can St. Peter's offer?

  • Please note: These options need to be agreed upon for each student in conjunction with parents/carers and then regularly reviewed /modified.

All students can access:

  • Quality First teaching with appropriate differentiation (including best SEN practice).
  • Visual aids to support key vocabulary, concepts and themes.
  • Dedicated and caring staff who value all students regardless of ability

Support for targeted groups of students may include:

  • Assessment and identification of language need and feedback to parents and staff.
  • Small group social skills sessions for 6-8 weeks.
  • In class teaching assistant support in some lessons.
  • Extra transition sessions for Year 6 (and sometimes from year 5 where needed).
  • Nurture class/adapted curriculum

Targeted individual support may include:

As for all St. Peter’s students plus…

  • 1:1 sessions with other support staff linked to other needs on EHCP.
  • Individual teaching assistant time in some mainstream lessons.
  • On-going monitoring and regular feedback to parents and students.
  • Individual social stories.
  • A safe place to go and someone to talk to when they need some time out.
  • Exam access arrangements
  • Post-16 transition support including extra bespoke visits to colleges.
  • Keyworkers for students with statements/EHCs or high level need