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Values and Ethos (Character Education)

At St Peter’s School we work to ensure that all aspects of school life represent our whole school ethos ‘Learn, Aspire, Exceed’

Please click the links below for more details of our extracurricular and enrichment provision which supports Character Education:

Combined Cadet Force (CCF) Duke Of Edinburgh Award (DOfE) National Citizen Service (NCS) Enrichment

It is our strong belief that as educators we can and must make a difference to the lives of the young people in our care, and provide character education based on our Learn, Aspire, Exceed values. We work to ensure that St Peter’s School enables its students to maximise their potential whatever their ability, background, culture, belief or disability.

We have high expectations and aspirations for all our students and we work to prepare them fully for the future beyond school, recognising, nurturing and celebrating individual skills and talents.  We provide a happy, caring, stable and orderly environment in which the highest quality of teaching, learning and development can take place.

We have a responsibility to develop confident, competent citizens of the 21st century in a totally inclusive environment.  We develop skills to enable young people to make choices about their future.

We maintain a working partnership of co-operation between students, parents, staff, Governors and the wider community.  At St Peter’s both teaching and non-teaching staff work as a team to ensure that students are the priority and we aim to make every experience one of quality and wherever possible exciting and challenging. 

The Learn Aspire Exceed (LAE) values promote the social, moral, spiritual and cultural development of students, preparing them for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of later life.  We aim to promote a range of positive character traits and a sense of pride, belonging and identity through our values. These values support both our Relationships, Sex and Health Education and our Healthy Schools provision with a focus on good behaviour and positive character traits. The LAE values are shared in assemblies, including rewards assemblies, when we celebrate success every half-term. 

The Learn, Aspire, Exceed curriculum is a unique and exciting opportunity for our Year 7 students to experience a wider range of subjects and skill-sets, outside of the core subject curriculum.  There is a focus on knowledge and cultural capital which will enable students to feel more confident in wider society.   We believe that this extended curriculum allows our students an opportunity to see a wide range of job roles and responsibilities, preparing them for their future lives.  As part of the LAE Curriculum, all Year 7 students will have the opportunity to complete the Young People’s Award – an award created by St. Peter’s to reflect the Duke of Edinburgh Award, encouraging independence and creativity. As part of this Award, students will be encouraged not just to learn a wide range of new skills, but also to participate in charity and volunteer work which will be part of their tutor time this year. Year 7 learn basic first aid as part of the LAE Curriculum, and all students are offered a CPR session by MAGPAS on a rolling programme. 

Extracurricular and enrichment activities (Character Education)

Beyond year 7, all students have numerous extra-curricular opportunities to develop their skills, talents, interests and experience and to help them take a greater ownership of their learning and future.  These include creative, performance, sporting and debating clubs in and after school, school trips, sports fixtures and charity events, so all can both discover new interests and develop existing ones, including CCF, Duke of Edinburgh and National Citizen Service.

St Peter’s School participates in the Combined Cadet Force with Kimbolton School and our students are part of the Navy section, which is run by Lieutenant Robson (Mr Robson, Head of Business Studies at St Peter’s School).

At St Peters we are proud to offer the Bronze, Silver and Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award. We currently offer Bronze to Year 9 students, Silver to Year 10 students and Gold to Year 12 Students.

Learning outside the classroom - improving academic achievement, developing skills and independence, making learning more engaging and relevant to young people, and improving young people’s attitudes to learning.

Stretch and Challenge – in Key Stage 3, HPA students can participate in an after-school club run in departments in order to extend their learning, and Year 9 students have the opportunity of competing a Sports Leadership Qualification.  Key Stage 4 students in the Exceed group can gain more cultural capital with half-termly trips.

St Peter’s is in partnership with the National Citizen Service and strongly encourages our students to take up this opportunity, as it helps to develop confidence, social skills, communication, leadership and inspires young people for the future. It can also count towards some areas of Gold Duke of EdinburghThis is available to year 11 and also Year 12 (college model).

At St Peter’s School every student is an individual. We promote our ethos across the school by ensuring all staff and students are working towards our key values and expectations.