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Sixth Form Admissions and Curriculum

Post 16 options

We will be hosting a series of videos about post 16 education on the website to help students and parents/carers make the right choice. More info to follow.

Introduction to Sixth Form

St Peter’s prides itself on knowing every student. Not only their name, their strengths and their interests, but also what they need to do to become successful adults in the future. 

We believe that we offer a broad and balanced curriculum to our Post 16 students, mixing level 3 courses with appropriate Work Experience and Enrichment. 

We have designed the curriculum to meet the varying needs of our students and to allow them to progress to their destination of choice at the end of Year 13 and recommend you read the course outlines linked below. More information can also be found here

We offer a range of academic A levels alongside more vocational level 3 courses and ensure that those students who did not achieve a grade 4 in GCSE English and Maths have the ability to retake in year 12.

The range of qualifications we offer allows students to move on to university, higher level apprenticeships and employment. Our students have a strong track record of securing places at prestigious universities or with high profile local employers. Students choose to come to St Peter’s Sixth Form because they are confident that they will achieve success. 

As a result of the positive relationships between students and staff, good quality teaching, and support and guidance, our Post-16 students achieve examination results that demonstrate they have made excellent progress at St Peter’s School.

We also encourage our Post-16 students to be positive role models for our younger students. 

From delivering assemblies on Macmillan Cancer Support to speaking to parents and prospective students, our sixth formers are able to demonstrate their maturity and desire to help others. Such leadership opportunities support students to develop the skills that industry wants – the confidence to speak to a variety of audiences, the ability to work effectively with different people and the willingness to take on responsibility. 

If you are not currently studying at St Peter’s but would like to join our Sixth Form please download and complete the application form on the side of this page and send it to our Head of Sixth Form, Anni Matthew,  amatthew@stpetershuntingdon.org.

You can also contact contact her or any member of the Sixth Form team on 01480 846791.


Admission Requirements

In order to qualify for the Sixth Form we require all students to have at least 5 grades 4 or equivalent in a range of subjects. Some A level courses require specific entry requirements and we recommend that you read through the course outlines to understand what you need to study particular subjects.

Course Outlines