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Year 7

Year 7 have made an incredible start to their time at St Peter’s, with students making new friends and developing positive relationships with staff.


We are very encouraged by the start the year group has made and long may it continue.


Please do not hesitate to contact any member of the Year 7 Team for advice or support:


Mrs H Gentry, Student Support Manager –

Mrs L Weeden, Head of Year –

Mr M McCloskey, Assistant Head of Year –


Having High Standards

We want all students to have the best possible start to each day at school. Some school standards which will help all students to achieve this are:


  • Continuing to be polite and positive members of the school community
  • Wearing full school uniform, in line with the school’s uniform policy.
  • Wearing PE kits on PE days, in line with the school’s uniform policy
  • Attendance should be 96% and above to maximise classroom learning
  • Students should be in school and ready to learn by 8.30am
  • Basic equipment for all subjects is required (a pen / a spare pen, a pencil, a ruler etc)



At the end of the first term, students will be assessed, and some teaching groups will be amended based on the results of these assessments. This will see some students move around in certain subjects to allow them to be successful. Please be aware that sets may continue to change throughout the course of the year based on students’ academic progress.


Awards Assembly

64 students were nominated for awards during our celebration assembly, these were awarded for continued impeccable behaviour and attitude throughout the half term.


Year 7 Parents Evening

Year 7 parents evening will take place on Tuesday 13th June.



All Year 7 students have had their first data slips handed to them with their target grades and their predicted grades.