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School Uniform and PE Kit


At St Peter’s School we believe that our school uniform for years 7-11 provides students with a sense of identity to both themselves and members of our wider community. To ensure that all parents have access to affordable, good quality uniform, we work with a highly respected national uniform supplier, keeping the number of school branded items to a minimum. Example total costs for;

All Branded uniform items – a Jumper, Polo top, PE-T shirt is approximately £42.00

One of all uniform items, including unbranded items (PE Socks, Shorts, Trousers/Skirt) is approximately £88.00

One of all uniform items, as above, including optional items (Long sleeve Sports Top, Jogging Bottoms) is approximately £115.00, which is lower than the average cost of uniform across schools which is £337.00

 Our uniform supplier is “the School Uniform Specialists”.

Details on how to order from the supplier are available to download.