Online Safety Advice For Social Media


Facebook is an online social networking platform designed to connect friends and family together. For more information, see the links below.

Guide To Facebook Guide To Facebook Messenger Facebook Checklist


Twitter is a microblogging social media platform designed to give its users a platform to post. The unique feature of twitter is it only allows short posts. Twitter is a platform used by everyone including social media influencers and celebrities. For information see the link below.

Twitter Checklist


Instagram is a image and video sharing social networking platform that is owned by Facebook. For more information see the links below.

Guide To Instagram Instagram Checklist

Instagram recently rolled out an update which included a new tool to prevent people from receiving abusive private message (DM) requests. This has to be turned on in Settings. You can find more information following this link.


Twitch is a platform for live video streaming, with a minimum user age of 13. It is available as a website or app. Live videos can feature any activity, however, much of Twitch’s content is centred around gaming. Young people and adults frequently use Twitch to watch, or create, live videos of people. These videos could be of users playing popular video games such as Roblox or Minecraft, or of celebrities and influences talking to their fans in a live setting. If watching gaming videos, viewers can see the gamer’s screen and the gamer themselves. Viewers can also hear any commentary whilst playing. Within a stream, viewers can leave comments for the streamers to interact with or answer.

Young people need to be careful when live streaming anything. It is important that your child doesn’t give away any personal information, and carefully considers their online reputation. Because videos shared to Twitch are going out live, it is easy for streamers to accidentally say something they wouldn’t deliberately choose to publicise. Anyone watching a Twitch stream can capture 30 seconds of video, by using the clips feature. This means that live content can be recorded, saved, and shared after the event. For more information, please follow this link.


HouseParty is a group videochatting platform used to connect people together in live video calls. For more information see the link below.

Guide To HouseParty


Snapchat is an instant messaging service app that is designed to provide a platform for people to communicate. The unique feature of Snapchat is that messages are only available to view for a short period of time. Then they become unavailable. 

Snapchat Checklist


For informaiton about TikTok, please see the following Family Friendly Guide. 

Guide To TikTok

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