Online Safety At St Peter's

Students are taught about the use of computers for educational purposes across the curriculum. This includes the best ways to gather reliable and evidence based research, how to validate findings and how to identify and ignore anomalies.
Students are also taught about the specific use of modern technologies in risk taking behaviours through the Personal Development curriculum including the sessions focused on bullying, tolerance and respect as well as the sex and relationships sessions.
Additional online safety sessions for students usually run across the year with a range of partner agencies so that the message is specific to each year group.

Online Safety Assembly

Every year an Online Safety assembly for all year groups is led by Agnes Davies. This gives students an overview and reminds them of the risks they may face online. The assembly ties in with Safer Internet Day

Sex Assembly

This March the top three year groups have a special assembly about sex, relationships and the use of mobile phones and the internet to access pornography and to contact each other.

360 Safe and National Online Safety

Ongoing work on gaining online safety accreditation via

We have also joined National Online Safety. Parents who are interested in current online safety concerns can access resources via the website or via the National Online Safety app. To create a parent account linked to St Peter's School please follow this link. The link will take you to a sign up page where you can fill in your details and register. You should be granted instant access to all parents' resources.

Digital Parenting Magazines

Distributed once per year. Please use this link to access the latest edition.

Online Safety Group

The online safety group meet once a half term to develop the school's approach to educating students and other stakeholders about online safety.

Staff training

Staff at St Peter's have regular training on online safety and what to do when concerned about a student. They also receive updates on technology and app trends that may be harmful to our students. 

Childnet Digital Leaders

A group of Y10 students are trained to be Digital Leaders and will work with students at St Peter's and in local primary schools to promote positive use of the internet and social media.