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Library & Resource Centre

The Library and Resource Centre is a modern, purpose-built Library with networked computers and a range of books, magazines, newspapers, electronic resources and audio-visual materials to cater for the diverse interests, ages and abilities of our students.

Using the Library

Students may visit the Library to read, borrow items, complete homework, use the computers, play board games or visit the stationery shop.  Computer games may not be played before or after school.  During the school day, teachers bring classes to the Library to deliver lessons and to use the resources for reading and research.


You can search the Library catalogue at: 

Borrowing items

All pupils and staff are members of the Library. Materials can be used in the Library, in the classroom and at home. Most of the books are available for loan.

Years 7, 8 and 9 may borrow:

4 Library items for 4 weeks

DVDs may be borrowed for 2 days

Years 10 and 11 may borrow:

5 Library items for 4 weeks

DVDs may be borrowed for 2 days

Years 12 and 13 may borrow:

6 Library items for 4 weeks

DVDs may be borrowed for 3 days

Items may be reserved in person at the Library desk.

All items should be returned promptly to the ‘Returns’ box in the main Library.  

Events and activities

The Library organises numerous activities throughout the school year aimed at encouraging reading for pleasure and improving research skills.  In addition, we celebrate national and global events such as International Literacy Day in the Autumn term, World Book Day in the Spring term etc.  Every Autumn we celebrate reading and earn free books for our school with a Scholastic Book Fair! Every Year we give our Year 7 students the opportunity to choose their own book to take home from a list of 16 BOOKBUZZ books. We run Reading Groups to shadow Book Awards such as he Jhalak Children's & YA Prize and the Carnegie CILIP Award etc.


In addition to this, we have hosted a number of acclaimed visiting authors and poets over the last few years. These have included: Julian Sedgwick (‘TSUNAMI GIRL’, ‘GHOSTS OF SHANGHAI’, MYSTERIUM TRILOGY ect), Ele Fountain (‘Boy 87’), Darren O’Sullivan (‘Our Little Secret’, ‘Dark Corners’), Simon James Green (‘Noah Can’t Even’, ‘Heartbreak Boys’, ‘Finn Jones Was Here’, Alex in Wonderland ‘), Jess Butterworth (‘When The Mountains Roared’), Marcus Sedgwick (‘Voyages in the Underworld of Orpheus Black’, ‘Snowflake, AZ’) and poet-educators, such as Mark Grist and Lewis Buxton.

What’s available?

A wide range of fiction books arranged by genre so you can easily find something that appeals to you. Genres range from Adventure Stories and Graphic Novels to Young Adult Fiction.

Monthly magazines including Empire, Top Gear, and Vogue

A huge range of non-fiction books

Reference books

Revision guides for all subjects


In our Study Area there is a section dedicated to A Level and above.

A 65-inch interactive screen which teachers can use during lessons and which is used for our weekly Reading Club.


A range of clubs take place in the Library, including Chess Club, Reading Club for year 7 and Year 8 students, Reading Club for Year 9 and Year 10 students and Reading Club for Ukrainian students.

Opening times

The Library is open from 8:05 – 4:00 (Monday-Thursday) and from 8:15 – 3:30 on Fridays.


There are 8 networked computers in the Library. We provide supervised access to the internet for homework and research. There is also access to a black and white printer.

Stationery shop

The school stationery shop is based in the Library. Students may visit the shop anytime to buy everything from pens and pencils to exam packs.

Library Code of Conduct

Classroom rules apply in the Library.

  • You need to find a seat.
  • You need to read or work quietly.
  • Please put bags down on the floor.
  • No mobile phones, music players, games consoles or headphones.
  • No eating or drinking.

Contact the Library and Resource Centre


The school Library staff is always on hand to assist with finding reading material, information and with homework.