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Examinations are a very important part of your time at St Peter’s School. This section is designed to provide easy access to up-to-date information on examinations. 

A number of documents which provide important information on how to prepare and what to expect during examinations are available to download in the panel on the left of this page. Important documents covering the current JCQ rules and regulations can also be found here. These rules and regulations must be adhered to by all students taking examinations at St Peter’s School.


There are a number of A level exams scheduled BEFORE half term in May, including Economics (2 papers), English Language, Physics (2 papers), Psychology, History, English Literature, Physical Education, Sociology, Geography.

JCQ have allocated the 26th June 2019 as a designated exam contingency date, all students need to be available UP TO AND INCLUDING 26TH JUNE in case any of their exams are rescheduled due to a major local or national incident.