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Careers and Information, Advice and Guidance

Our dedicated non-teaching team is available to offer clear information, advice and guidance to all of our students. CEIAG Manager, Laura Jenkins is a level 6 qualified Careers Adviser and has a wealth of knowledge about careers, apprenticeships, employment and training. During the year, she will interview year 11 students as they make their Post 16 choices, and she will help year 9 students make appropriate GCSE options. Laura and her team will also ensure that a range of activities are on offer to all students, from 7 to 13.

Anni Matthew leads CEIAG at St Peter's. To contact Anni please email  or ring the school on 01480 459581.

The Impact of our Careers Programme

Year 11


% Remaining in education


% Employment with training



School Sixth form

Sixth form College

FE college
















Year 13


% of year 13 students who went to university

% of disadvantage students who went to university

Continued in education but not university

 % of year 13 students into              employment/apprenticeship

      Gap year








We are constantly evaluating the impact of our Careers Programme, and are always looking at ways to improve our offer. The careers programme will be evaluated again in July 2021, when we hope to be able to broadened our provision again following the COVID19 pandemic.

How do we ensure that we offer impartial CEIAG?

  • The team organise a range of external visits to help all students receive impartial CEIAG. In the last year we have attended the Wood Green Careers event, the Skills East Careers event in Norwich and we have taken students to other providers, such as HRC and PRC,  to show them what their future options are.
  • We are building strong links with local businesses, employers and trainers so that we can ensure that our students understand the opportunities that are available to them.  Our Careers Fair which is held in July for Year 10 students is well attended by local businesses, and all students have the opportunity to ask employees questions that will allow them to make an informed judgement about their futures.
  • We are also working with outside agencies such as the Chambers of Commerce, DWP, and NXG to ensure that our students have access to as much information as possible.

Ongoing Education at St Peter's

To find out more about what courses and opportunities are avilable to students at St Peter's please visit our Prospectus page here.

External Provider Information

Take Your Place - Why Go To Uni: See Presentation

CRC:  available courses

Long Road:  Simply click here to watch our recording!  

A Guide to Career Options 2021

Information guide for school leavers.

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