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Initial Teacher Training

Please Note:

When using the UCAS search tool it is recommended that you only search for age range, subject and region. St Peter’s school listings with the Cambridge Partnership come under the hub school in the partnership which is Springwood High School. Alternatively searching for Springwood High School gives a full range of our courses. We also work with the Cambridgeshire Teaching Schools Network, which can also be found on UCAS.


What is School Direct?

School Direct is a suite of teacher training courses that run in schools for the equivalent of one academic year. You work as part of the teaching team from the start of term in September learning from experienced, motivated and inspiring staff and immediately putting your new skills into practice.

More information about School Direct and other routes into teaching can be found on the DfE website here:

At St Peter’s we work with a range of training partners to deliver Salaried School Direct Placements in a range of subjects and Non Salaried school direct placements.


Salaried Placements for 2020/21

In the last four years we have had developed the number of salaried School Direct trainees at St Peter’s. We are looking to build on this success for the academic year 2020/21. St Peter’s School is delighted to be able to offer salaried training course in the following subjects for September 2020. St Peter’s is working with the Cambridge Partnership and the Cambridgeshire Teaching Schools Network to offer a wide range of subjects sharing skills and expertise across schools in Cambridgeshire.

For the Cambridge Partnership please use the following course codes on UCAS.

Training provider, The Cambridge Partnership - 1U4

Location code for St Peter’s  - M

 SDTP (salaried)

Biology – 3CHB

Chemistry – 24L8

Physics – 3CJK

English  – 24LD

Maths  – 24LZ


Codes for Cambridge Teaching Schools Network, which have courses/options available in Cambridgeshire, Essex and Suffolk area with 2 training locations for secondary (cores studies sessions on Fridays) – Bottisham Village College (Cam Hub) and King Edward VI School (Bury Hub). 

CTSN (Lead School: Comberton VC) 

1LK (DfE ID 10095)

  Salaried Non-Salaried (Tuition Fee)
Full Time  
Art & Design   3CYZ
Biology   3D69
Business Studies - Age 14-16   3D6B
Chemistry 28D2 3D6Q
Computing 28B8 3D72
Design & Technology 3FJ3 3D6M
English 28BJ 3D6T
Geography   3D6F
History   3D6R
Mathematics 28D7 3D6J
MFL 28D3 3D6G
Physical Education   3D6P
Physics 28D5 3D6L
Part time  
Chemistry   3D6X
Computing 2YWT 3D6Z
English 3FCS  
Maths 2QXW 3D6V
MFL 38TX  
Physics 2QXY 3D6W
Locations - Codes:  
G - King Edwards VI School (Bury St Edmunds)    
M - Bottisham VC     


If you are interested in finding out more about these placements please contact Mike Gregory

To apply visit the UCAS website here:


Unsalaried placements

St Peter's will also be offering a wide range of unsalaried training placements. We understand that for some candidates in the subjects listed above that a bursary may be a more appealing option.

We will also offer unsalaried places in:

Art – 24KC

Computing  - 24LB

D&T – 3CHX

PE – 24M8

English – 2K64

Maths – 24M3

MFL – 24M6

Music – 24M7

Teach First

St Peter's was one of the first secondary schools in the area to offer Teach First training places from September 2018. This is another exciting development in our growing teacher training routes.

To find out more about Teach First (which is a kind of salaried teacher training) please follow this link.

For Teach First applications please apply direct to Teach First.


Graduates considering the programme is here:

Career changers:


Cambridge Partnership

“The Cambridge Partnership is collaboration across Cambridgeshire that aims to offer the highest quality teacher training through a wide number of school based routes. By working together schools can ensure that trainee teachers experience the very highest standards of teaching and professional development delivered by experts across the network.”


The Cambridgeshire Teaching Schools Network

“The Cambridge Teaching School Network’s mission is to recruit and retain high quality candidates into teaching to meet the needs of our locality. The Cambridge Teaching Schools Network offers a range of routes into teacher training to suit different people’s needs and circumstances, including a new flexible salaried route for Physics and Maths. Our diverse alliance of schools, from Peterborough to Hertfordshire, has been involved in delivering high quality teacher-training for decades, and is now in the ideal position to offer a wide variety of School Direct routes into teaching.”


University providers

St Peter's works with The Faculty of Education at Cambridge University and the University of Bedfordshire to support their PGCE programs.


Finding out More:

If you are interested in finding out more about these placements please contact Mike Gregory

If you would like to know more about the courses offered by the Cambridge Partnership visit our website here:

or CTSN visit here:


School Experience Programme

If you are thinking about teaching but want to know what it could be like why not take advantage of the School Experience Program? This gives you opportunity to experience what it is like for a short placement in school. More details will be added soon.

At St Peter’s we had more than 50 School Experience Placements in 6 departments in 2017/18 and have already had our first candidates for the current academic year. If you can’t find a time slot in a subject that suits on the SEP website please contact us directly and we will aim to work with you as your start to plan for teacher training.

Interested in finding out more - please fill in the form below or email

Email from a School Experience Candidate

I enjoyed a day of positive experiences in the French Language Department at the school today. I had a very inspiring day of school exposure. The day was even better than I expected. The staff and teachers showed a willing attitude to transfer the best of their experiences and knowledge to me. They were widely open to provide their support, advice and answered my questions enthusiastically.

They also were passionate and enthusiastic while teaching and with their roles at the school. Similarly, the students gave their best during the lessons, in general, they seem committed to learn. In my opinion, this is the result of the support they are receiving.

In addition, I appreciate your time and effort for putting together a programme for the day that allowed me to see a range of high level of work going on in the languages department. You gave me a warm welcome, and an insight of the work behind the scenes in the classroom, and of course for the details about teacher training providers. By the way, this is the most organised, structured and complete SEP programme I have experienced until now.

Please, extend my appreciation as well to all the staff, specifically to Mrs Foubert, who showed enthusiasm and fresh attitude while teaching, and as well as for the information and advice provided to be prepared for the profession ahead. To Mrs Burnistonfor showing a special style in teaching and for mentioning two keys to succeed as a teacher: organisation and ability for behaviour management. To Miss Hill for sharing her experience with the ability to deal with different students’ needs.

Finally, thank you again for allowing an opportunity to return for more school exposure. I am looking forward enthusiastically to returning to your school soon.