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Year 6 Transition

For information about the school please explore this website further, visit the Prospectus page or for information on applying for a place visit Join Us.

Year 6 Parents' Information Webinar

 As this is a recording you can jump ahead, pause or rewind.

Year 6 Transition Assembly

This Transition video for Year 6 students is just over 30 minutes long. You may decide to watch this video in sections or re-watch parts you want to revisit. We hope you find this useful.

Any Questions?

After watching this video, if you have any further questions please fill in this form. A second video will be uploaded to the website with your questions and answers from Mrs Chapman.

Click Here For The Form

Virtual Tour

Hello And Top Tips From Mrs Chapman


Important information and dates for your diary

Year 6 Parent Information Evening (for students joining Year 7 in Sept 2020):

  • Wednesday 1st July 2020 - 19:00 - 20:00 (this will be an online webinar - we will  publicise the link through the news page nearer the event)

Year 6 Open Evening (for students joining Year 7 in Sept 2021/22):

  • Tuesday 6th October 2020 18:00 - 20:30

Year 6 Transition information

Due to Governmental advice, transitions will be virtual this year. This includes a video (above) for Year 6 students to find out about St Peter’s school life.

We have also included information about our different curriculum subjects and set transition tasks that can be completed. We will also be uploading a virtual tour so you can experience the school site and see some example classrooms.

On the 1st July at 7pm there will be an Information evening for parents/carers (in webinar form). You will have the opportunity to ask questions to the Year 7 team through the online forms provided.

Year 6 transition days

Year 7 will experience a shorter taster experience on Friday 4th September.

Year 7s first day 4th September 2020

  • Year 7 students will meet in the hall for an assembly at 13:00 in full school uniform. Enter the school via the front entrance
  • Tutors will come to the hall to pick up the Year 7 students and escort them to tutor time.
  • Students will collect their new timetable and homework diary from their tutor.
  • Students will have a tour of the site and will have their fingers scanned for the canteen.
  • Students will get to know the other Year 7s in their tutor group and have an opportunity to ask questions.
  • Students will leave at 15:05 (Exit via the Front entrance/HYC/Swimming pool gate – please make sure that your child knows which gate to use if you plan to meet them.)


Monday 7th September 2020

  • Students will arrive at tutor rooms at 8:25 (Entrance via the Front entrance/HYC/Swimming pool gate)
  • For the first week students will have an extra 10 minutes for lunch time.
  • Students should check their timetable to see if they need PE kit for the first day

SEND transitions:

The Special Educational Needs department will be offering phone calls or video calls for those students and their families identified by the primary school SENDCOs. The team will contact individual parents about this.


School uniform is purchased from the Green School Shop in St Ives.

Contact Details

Telephone: 01480 466 247 



Address: The Old Courthouse, Priory Road, St Ives, PE27 5BB

Details of their current layway scheme is in the attachments on the left.


To find out more about uniform requirements please visit our website:


The first week of secondary school can be a daunting time for students but at St Peter’s we support this transition being smooth and positive for all. The normal plan for the start of the autumn term is below, although this will be adjusted to ensure that students are kept safe when they join us in the new school year.

  • On the first day students meet their Head of Year and talk about expectations.
  • Year 7’s are picked up from the hall by older tutees and given another tour around the school to familiarise themselves.
  • Students were escorted by their teachers and other students to all lessons in the first week.
  • Students were given additional walking time and all staff are on hand to help students find their lessons if they are lost.
  • Lunchtimes are extended for Year 7 in the first two weeks. This is to allow Year 7 to get to the canteen first.
  • It is important that the Year 7 team know how students feel about school and therefore regular student voice activities take place. This usually happens in the first three weeks of term.
  • Regular visits to lessons by the Head of Year and Student Support Managers in order to support transitions.
  • Meetings with parents/guardians/carers where necessary.




Our new Year 7 students were full of enthusiasm for St Peter's School stating “Although it’s different to primary school and I got lost, lots of older children have helped me. I have really enjoyed Science, it’s one of my favourite subjects. I’ve enjoyed making friends and meeting my teachers as they are all really nice. If I’ve had a problem it’s all been sorted out. My first week has been really good.”

“My first week at St Peter’s has been really exciting. I’ve had new lessons and met new people. I’ve really enjoyed my lessons. I’ve loved all my lessons like French, Science and English for example. We’ve already done cool experiments and spoken French!”

“I’ve had a nice first week. I’ve made some friends already and had good lessons.  I get help in my lessons if I put my hand up. The older children have helped me around the school. If I was on my own on the playground they have helped me find friends. I’ve had help with my homework from teachers and I have really enjoyed my lessons.”

“It’s been a really nice first week because I’ve had fun in my lessons. I thought I might be bad at some of my lessons but I have been ok. I have played with older kids and have had a nice time.”




Homework club takes place twice a week for Year 7. This is an opportunity for students’ to gain some additional support with their homework, use a computer and get it done in plenty of time.

If you would like to attend homework club please join us on Tuesday and/or Thursday 3.05pm-4.00pm in the main ICT suite.

Please also be aware that the library is also open after school if any students would like to read, pick up a book or complete homework there and use the libraries resources.


Each year we arrange a programme to stretch our most able students. This will involve exciting additional lessons in Maths, Science and English on a weekly basis. This opportunity will allow students to gain further learning experiences to fast track their learning. Parents will be contacted shortly.


In the Year 7 and SEND team we understand that students learn in different ways. This year our SEND students have been given the opportunity to have learning experiences outside the classroom. This includes improving the school environment by making planters and planting raised beds, practicing geography skills through orienteering at Hinchingbrooke Park, team and confidence building at Grafham water with activities such as paddle boarding, canoeing, rafting, sailing, climbing and mountain biking. Students’ who have taken part in these activities have said how much they have benefited in terms of their self-esteem, forging and strengthen relationships with their peers and teachers as well gaining physical fitness for students that struggle in the traditional school sports.


Each week all Year 7 students have a lesson of Triple E - Excite, Enrich and Engage. The students get to experience a wide range of extra learning opportunities, like Japanese or traditional cultural sports to develop their interests and skills.


Promoting Healthy Living

St Peter’s School's Healthy Schools Statement

  • Our aim is to ensure all students have a voice, and be motivated by staff who value the importance of health, wellbeing and resilience for their students, as well as for themselves.
  • Parents will be made aware of the policies, learning, support and initiatives the school provides, including how they will be developed by partnership working with quality assured support agencies. The provision will be reviewed annually to remain relevant, and consistently used with student progress and achievement suitably recognised.
  • Students have the opportunity to complete 30 minutes of physical activity each day, and are overtly encouraged to participate in organised sports clubs at lunchtime and after school. Travelling actively to and from school is recommended.  Through all staff consistently encouraging a healthy lifestyle (a combination of physical activity and a balanced diet), we recognise this has a positive impact on students’ well-being, and thus their behaviour and academic attainment.