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Religious Education: Key Stage 5

Our curriculum is designed using the Cambridgeshire Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education 2018-2023, and is built around the foundation of giving students a broad experience of different beliefs and cultures. Students in this key stage are heading towards the end of their formal education, and are preparing for a life outside of education, employment, university amongst other opportunities. As a result, we intend to provide opportunities which give students the circumstances by which to develop understanding of their peers, particularly within the diverse cultural context of St Peter’s, and to enrich the skills of discussion and experience. We hope by doing this we will be able to give students experience of differing issues that they may face on a day to day basis in a world beyond St Peter’s.

We are developing a programme of talks and workshops which will provide a broad range of experiences of different faiths, beliefs and cultures. This will enable students to build positive relationships and take into account the effect of different values and ideas within society, as well as the issues that arise from this, as set out in the aims and purpose of the Agreed Syllabus 2018-23. This programme aims to incorporate a diversity of speakers which will focus on issues that young people may encounter in everyday life, for example mental health, racism and prejudice. Throughout this we want our students to build on the broader experiences offered at KS4 and look at how they can make reasoned and informed judgements about issues that face society, as well as how to deal with the changes that life brings as they move into adulthood.