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Religious Education: Key Stage 3


“The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing”



The aim for RE at St Peter’s is for students to understand the views and opinions of people whose beliefs and values differ from their own, which is vital in equipping them to handle issues in their lives, preparing them for the workplace and adult life. Therefore, our curriculum is designed to give students a broad view of these beliefs and ideas which will allow students to be knowledgeable about the different cultures and people that they may encounter.

In year 7 students begin by building on their existing knowledge from Key Stage 2, exploring the basic beliefs of the 6 major religions and Humanism. As they continue through the year they will apply this knowledge to topics to consider what is the meaning and purpose of life and how should religious people behave.

In year 8 students will deepen their understanding of the 6 major religions as they study the A-Z of religion. In this unit students will apply religious beliefs to many different topics, for example atheism, meditation, prophets and look at smaller, lesser known religious beliefs. They will also look at the topic Ethics and Values, to identify different ways that we make ethical decisions and apply these to various topics from environmental ethics to medical ethics.

In year 9 students will look at topics of prejudice and discrimination; understanding different issues from sexism and racism to Islamophobia. The aim is for students to understand different beliefs and how these beliefs have impacted people whilst having the opportunity to reflect on their own beliefs. Year 9 will also explore Ethics and Values, to consider how we make ethical decisions and apply to a number of topics.