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Personal Development: Key Stage 5

Students in Years 12 and 13 continue with a diverse range of opportunities, including visiting speakers, workshops, assemblies and discussions.  These events are organised based on what is most relevant to address the ever-changing needs of our students.  We want to ensure all of our students have the information that they need to make informed choices regarding economic wellbeing, careers, and healthy relationships. We promote good physical and mental health, and ensure students know where they can go if they need advice and support.

 All of our year 12 students participate in the National Citizen Service (NCS) during the first term. The NCS programme helps to develop a range of different skills and encourages students to work closely as part of a team. We follow the college model, which involves students participating in team activities, and then completing a social action project at the end of the term. In 2021, students raised a significant amount of money for the Teenage Cancer Trust and the local NHS charity, Dreamdrops.

We strongly believe that it is important for students to volunteer and give back to the school and wider community. We currently have sixth form students helping younger students in our Nurture department, and students visiting one of our primary feeders, helping young students with their reading.

 The opportunities available to students are delivered by visiting speakers who are experts in their field. So far in 2021-22 we have welcomed the following organisations into school:

  • National Citizen Service
  • Terence Higgins Trust – C-Card and Sexual Health
  • Kamal Hyman – Aim a Little Higher
  • AIM Apprenticeships – understanding the different apprenticeships
  • Cambridgeshire Constabulary/ Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue – Driving Safety
  • MHST – Exam stress and anxiety
  • On the Ball – Testicular Cancer
  • Take Your Place – university and future careers/ Study Skills/ FInance


The following organisations will be visiting in later part of the year:

  • Acorn Surgery – cervical cancer
  • The Boobettes – breast cancer
  • UCAS- applying to university
  • Cambridgeshire Constabulary/ Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue – First on Scene guidance

Key Documents for RSE- General

Young People, Relationships and Sex – The New Norms

Shhh….No Talking – LGBTQ Inclusive RSE in the UK

Key Links for Healthy Relationships 

DoSRE you can download some PowerPoints to help discuss issues around relationships with your child -

Teachers Guide to Teenage Relationship Abuse also useful for parents to help to spot the signs of relationship abuse in your child.

Key Links for Consent 

Disrespect Nobody Campaign – Section on Consent- there are lots more


Key Links for Media and Peer Influence 

Ditch the Label

Disrespect Nobody Campaign

Positive Body Image – Pamphlet


Key Links for Sexuality 


Explore Dream Discover

Coming out support


Key Links for Gender 

Gendered Intelligence


Key Links for Sexual Harassment, Assault, Exploitation and Abuse

Thinkuknow Toolkit  

Disrespect Nobody Campaign

CEOP –Exploited

Article on Emotional abuse for YP eradicating rape culture



Key Links for Protecting Myself (for student)

Disrespect Nobody Campaign

Brook - Condom Handout

Cambs C-Card Scheme

Digital Romance Report - domestic abuse - domestic abuse - male survivor’s helpline - information on loot boxes