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Personal Development: Key Stage 5

Students in Years 12 and 13 continue with a diverse range of opportunities, including visiting speakers, workshops, assemblies and discussions.  These are organised based on what is most relevant to address the needs of the students.  We aim to ensure students have the information they need to make informed choices regarding economic well-being, careers and relationships. We promote good physical and mental health and ensure students know where to go for advice and support. 

Although there is no specific time for personal development built into the weekly timetable, the Sixth Form team work hard to plan and implement activities that develop students’ understanding of how to keep safe and how to plan for the future. 



Intended outcome

Autumn term

UCAS sessions for all year 13 students

Students will:

  • Receive IAG about university the process
  • Apply for university before the required deadlines



Trip to Olympia to What career/what university live?

Students will understand:

  • The different post 18 options available to them
  • The different types of sectors that deliver apprenticeships
  • The different courses available at university and the entry requirements needed
  • Attend workshops on applying for universities or apprenticeships


WOW Wednesday – Social Work

Students will gain an understanding of:

  • Progression into social care
  • Different job roles within social care
  • The life of a social worker working with children & families



Careers programme with the MoD

Students will:

  • Understand the different careers available within the MoD
  • Take part in a series of twilight sessions that run through potential scenarios
  • Develop different skills needed for the world of work.



Talk by a Holocaust Survivor

Students will:

  • Gain a greater understanding of why Jews were targeted
  • What it was like to be a Jew during the war.



Epic Risk Management

Students will:

  • Gain an understanding or the risks of gambling and on-line gambling



WOW Wednesday - medicine

Students will:

  • Understand the routes into medicine
  • Find out about the life of a consultant



Presentation delivered by CASUS

Students will understand:

  • The different risks associated with drug and alcohol misuse
  • How they can access help and support if they have concerns



WOW Wednesday – Journalism

Students will:

  • Understand the routes into journalism
  • Career opportunities in journalism
  • The life of a journalist





Spring term

Ongoing apprenticeship focus for year 13’s not going to university or applying for both

Students will:

  • Have an opportunity to research apprenticeships
  • Produce a CV
  • Prepare for mock interviews 



Balloon debate




Students will take part in a balloon debate in preparation for a bigger debate


WOW Wednesday - Zoology

Students will:

  • Understand possible routes into zoology
  • Find out what zoology is
  • Career opportunities in zoology




Mini debate:

Tutor debate: Should drugs be legalised?

Students will:

  • Carry out research into drugs so they can make an informed choice as to whether they are for or against
  • Take part in a debate, either as part of the panel or in the audience within tutor groups



Motivational hour with Kamal Hyman

Students will understand:

  • How to create a ‘brand’ and how work to awards achieving their goals.




The Boobettes

Raise awareness of the importance of checking ‘boobs and pecs’ in a fun and engaging way



Euthanasia debate: Should euthanasia be legalised?

Students will:

  • Carry out research into euthanasia so they can make an informed choice as to whether they are for or against
  • Take part in a debate, either as part of the panel or in the audience



Talk by the blood transfusion service

Students will:

  • Raise of awareness of the importance of blood donations
  • Find out how to become a blood donor?
  • Have the opportunity to sign up to be a blood donor



Drive IQ

Students will:

  • Understand the potential dangers associated with driving
  • Complete online modules to help students develop their understanding of driving


Summer Term





UCAS exhibition at Anglia Ruskin University

Students will:

  • Opportunity to talk to admission tutors and students from a wider range of universities
  • Understand the different courses on offer to them



Careers Fair

Students will:

  • Have the opportunity to talk to a wide range of employers
  • Have the opportunity to make links with specific employers


Lincoln University Open Day for year 12

Students will

  • Understand about university life
  • Be able to ask questions about courses on offer




UCAS day

Students will:

  • Understand the process for applying to university
  • Understand how to write the personal statement
  • Be able to ask questions to key note speakers
  • Begin to draft personal statements



Health Day

Students have the opportunity to attend workshops possibly on the following:

  • Personal safety: getting home safely, what is consent
  • What is abuse and where to get help
  • Legal consequences of sexting
  • Using social media safely
  • CPFT
  • Basic first aid
  • Relaxation
  • Personal safety – self defence



Key Documents for RSE- General

Young People, Relationships and Sex – The New Norms

Shhh….No Talking – LGBTQ Inclusive RSE in the UK

Key Links for Healthy Relationships

DoSRE you can download some PowerPoints to help discuss issues around relationships with your child -

Teachers Guide to Teenage Relationship Abuse also useful for parents to help to spot the signs of relationship abuse in your child.

Key Links for Consent

Disrespect Nobody Campaign – Section on Consent- there are lots more


Key Links for Media and Peer Influence

Ditch the Label

Disrespect Nobody Campaign

Positive Body Image – Pamphlet 


Key Links for Sexuality


Explore Dream Discover

Coming out support


Key Links for Gender

Gendered Intelligence 


Key Links for Sexual Harassment, Assault, Exploitation and Abuse

Thinkuknow Toolkit

Disrespect Nobody Campaign

CEOP –Exploited

Article on Emotional abuse for YP

Key Links for Protecting Myself (for student)

Disrespect Nobody Campaign

Brook - Condom Handout

Cambs C-Card Scheme 

Digital Romance Report

BBC Bitesize Drama about STIs and Safer Sex