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Curriculum Map

Key Stage 3, 4 and 5 Personal Development (PD) - Curriculum Map 2020-2021
Year Group Autumn Spring Summer
7 Resilience - Resilience and Harnessing Emotions, Connecting the Brain, Emotions and Thoughts, The Gremlin Belief, Optimism and Evidence, WoBbLe, Resilience Planning Living in the Wider World -  Aspirational Students, How to budget our money?, Social Media - safe and private Relationships - Keeping good friendships, Love and relationships, Bullying or banter?, Cyberbullying, Keep safe and positive relationships, British Values - Personal Identity
Health and Wellbeing - Periods, Puberty, FGM and Breast Ironing, Germs, Bacteria and Viruses
Introduction - What is PD?, Transition
8 Relationships - Mental Health, Contraception, Dangers of Pornography, Sexting and dangers of image sharing, STIs, Body image - male focus, Diversity Living in the Wider World - Democracy and Voting, Internet Safety - Online grooming, Parliament, ICT Careers Health and Wellbeing - Vaping - Nicotine and Addiction, Cancer awareness, Personal Safety and First Aid, Teenage Pregnancy and Parenting, Emotions and Self-Awareness, Personal Development and Target Setting, What is mindfulness?, Personal and Dental Hygiene, Why pursue a STEM career?
9 Living in the Wider World - Mental Health and Anxiety, Self-Discipline at School and Wider World, NI and Income Tax, Skills for the Work Environment, Budgeting and Saving, How to keep Financially Savvy?, How can I successfully manage my money?, Shoppers and Consumers Rights, Employability - Applying and Preparing, Human Rights - Charity Focus, Human Trafficking, Human rights - Aid to Foreign Countries, Sustainability for all, How does the law treat young offenders?, Knife Crime Health and Wellbeing - Behaving to Achieve, Why can't some people access education?, Developing Interpersonal skills, How are we protected from Discrimination?, Growth Mindset to achieve, Mental Health and Stress, Why are people selfie obsessed?, Alcohol Awareness, Drugs and the Law, Vaccinations, Acid Attacks, Why do people self-harm? Relationships - Eating Disorders, Body Image - focus on girls, CSE, Domestic Violence and Abusive Relationships, Peer Pressure, British Values - Religion and Respect, Marriage, LGBT Community
10 Option Carousel - Homelessness, Harassment and Stalking, Money Laundering, Obesity and Body Positivity, Screen time - How much is too much?, The Importance of Sleep, Cybercrime and Online Fraud, How does Privilege affect us?, Personal Safety and the Wider World, Internet Safety and the Dark Web, Health and Safety at Work, Digital Footprints, Mental Health - Suicide
Democracy - Managing Grief and Bereavement, Democracy and Voting, Free Press Media, Human Rights and Responsibilities, Sources of Law, United Nations Living in the Wider World -  Crime, Gangs and County Lines, Fake News and Critical Thinking, How does the Criminal Justice System Work?, Rights and Responsibilities in the Work Place, Why do people become Extremists? Drop Down Day - Anti-Social Behaviour, How harmful is Binge Drinking?, Gender and Trans Identity, Overt and Covert Racism, Sexism and Gender Prejudice, Study Skills
Health and Wellbeing - Hate Crime, Managing Social Anxiety, Managing time effectively, Tattoos and Piercings Relationships - Revenge Porn, Forced and Arranged Marriages, Parenting, Conflict Management, Same Sex Relationships.
11 SMSC - Perseverance, Aphorism, Zeitgeist, Ephemeral, Serendipity, Dignity, Belonging, Compassion, Empathy, Fulfilment, Authenticity, Demography, Equanimity, Mercy, Numinous, Utopia, Existential, Symbolim, Paradox, Personal Development
Drop Down Day - Bullying - body shaming, Consent - rape and sexual abuse, First Aid - CPR, Safe sex and chemical sex, What is good sex?, Why do we take risks?
6th Form UCAS sessions for all year 13 students planning to apply to university, Year 12 students sign up for Autumn NCS Programme - College Model, Students attend a 2-day visit to Grafham Water, Social Awareness Project launched, What Career and What University virtual event