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Key Stage 3 Personal Development (PSHE Provision)



Year 7 – Taught over 16 lessons

Half Term 1 - Resilience Unit

Lesson Title

Key Questions

Resilience 1

Who or what might influence young people’s perception of their identity?

Resilience 2

Who or what helps me cope with changes I have experienced and what will help in the future?

Resilience 3

How can I respond positively to challenges and disappointment?


Half Term 2 - Health and Wellbeing Unit x 4 lessons

Lesson Title

Key Questions


How do I feel about my growing and changing body and why is positive body image important?


What attitudes do people have towards menstruation and how can people support menstrual wellbeing?

Alcohol Awareness

How does alcohol affect my ability to give or get consent?

Germs, Bacteria and Viruses

In what ways am I responsible for my personal hygiene?


Half Term 2 - Living in the Wider World Unit x 3 lessons

Lesson Title

Key Questions

Aspirational Students

What are my personal strengths?

How to budget our money?

Why might I want to or need to borrow money?

Social Media

Does your social media profile give information away easily to strangers?


Half Term 3 - Relationships Unit x 6 lessons

Lesson Title

Key Questions

Keeping good friendships

How do my relationships impact on my self-esteem and wellbeing? ​

Love and Relationships

How are different aspects of puberty affecting my relationships and physical and emotional wellbeing?

Bullying, Banter or Sexual Harassment

How does my behaviour impact on the wellbeing of others?


What are the features of online bullying and how can I respond?

Keep Safe and Positive Relationships

How do people show they love each other? ​


British Values – Personal Identity

Who or what might influence young people’s perception of their identity? ​


Year 8 – Taught over 20 lessons

Half Term 1 - Relationships Unit x 6 lessons

Lesson Title

Key Questions

Safe Sex – Contraception

What do I understand about different forms of contraception and their effectiveness?

Safe Sex – Dangers of Pornography

How can pornography affect real relationships?

Safe Sex – Sexting and Consent

What is a sexual image, why might someone share one and what are the risks?

Safe Sex – STIs

Which sexual behaviours pose greater risks for transmission of STI’s and HIV/AIDS/HPV?

Body Image

How is the view of my body influenced and how can I maintain a positive body image?


How can we show mutual respect and understanding for each other?


Half Term 1 - Living in the Wider World Unit x 1 lesson

Lesson Title

Key Questions

Democracy and Voting - Citizenship

Why is it important to vote in elections and how can voting influence public life?


Half Term 2 – Living in the Wider World Unit x 3 lessons

Lesson Title

Key Questions

Internet Safety – Online Grooming

Do I understand the idea of positive and negative risk online and offline?


How does Parliament ensure that the decisions made by government are fair?

ICT Careers

Do you know the pathway that you would need to take for your chosen career?


Half Term 2 – Health and Wellbeing x 4 lessons

Lesson Title

Key Questions

Vaping, Nicotine and Addiction

What are the effects of second-hand smoke?

Cancer Awareness

What is cancer and how might lifestyle choices prevent it occurring in adults?

Personal Safety and First Aid

Where are defibrillators located in my community and what skills do I need to use one?

Teenage Pregnancy and Parenting

How do condoms work to prevent pregnancy and the spread of STIs, HIV/AIDS/HPV?


Half Term 3 – Health and Wellbeing Unit x 6 lessons

Lesson Title

Key Questions

Emotions and Self-Awareness

How do I recognise and express different emotions in myself and others?

Personal Development and Target Setting

What sort of exercise can I do and what do I enjoy and how does this support my mental wellbeing?

What is Mindfulness?

What are my personal strengths?

Why pursue a STEM career?

What are the benefits of a career in STEM? (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics)

Personal and Dental Hygiene

How does poor personal hygiene affect me and my friends?

Mental Health

What support is available for different mental health issues?


Year 9 – Taught over 20 lessons

Half Term 1 – Living in the Wider World Unit and Careers

Lesson Title

Key Questions

NI and Income Tax

What do I understand about NI and Income Tax?

Skills for Work Environment

How do I learn to accept helpful feedback and to reject unhelpful criticism?

Budgeting and Saving

How do I create a budget?


What is a career?

Human Trafficking

What is abuse and where can I ask for help for myself or others?

Sustainability for All

Why is value for money different for different people?

Knife Crime

How does knife crime impact families and communities?


Half Term 2 – Health and Wellbeing Unit

Lesson Title

Key Questions

Developing Interpersonal Skills

How are my emotional responses changing and developing?

How are we protected from discrimination

How does prejudice and discrimination impact on the wellbeing of individuals and communities – socially, emotionally and physically?

Growth mindset to achieve

How has my own sense of identity changed?

Mental health and stress

How do I manage strong emotions and stress?

Drugs and the Law

How might the use of alcohol and other drugs affect my relationships with family and friends?

Vaccinations and Organ Donation x2

What is the importance and purpose of immunisation and vaccination?


Half Term 3 – Health and Wellbeing Unit

Lesson Title

Key Questions

Acid Attacks

How would you help someone who has been attacked with acid?


Half Term 3 - Relationships Unit

Lesson Title

Key Questions

Child Sexual Exploitation

What is CSE?

Domestic violence and abusive relationships

How might people behave in an unhealthy relationship?


What civil and religious ceremonies and procedures mark marriage, civil partnerships, cohabitation and what is their legal status?

LGBT community

Can I recognise and challenge sexist, homophobic, biphobic, transphobic and disablist language and behaviour?

Key Stage 4 Personal Development (PSHE Provision)



Year 10

Drop Down Day 1 – Lifestyle Choices

Lesson Title

Key Questions

Gender and Trans Identity

How does feeling connected to friends, family and social groups affect my mental health?

Why do people become extremists?

How can communities protect themselves from violent extremism and how could I respond to anything that causes me concern?

Forced and Arranged Marriages

What are honour based violence and forced marriage, who might be at risk and how can people get support?

Conflict Management

What constitutes an unhealthy relationship and what role does the imbalance of power play?

Hate Crime

How would I seek help if I am worried for myself or others?

Revenge Porn

Can I manage the legal and personal risks when being asked for or sharing intimate images of myself or others?


Drop Down Day 2 - Democracy

Lesson Title

Key Questions

Democracy and Voting

How does Parliamentary democracy work and what are the powers of the government?

Free Press Media

How can we check the reliability of news and how does this affect the democratic process?

Human Rights and Responsibilities

What rights do all citizens in the UK have and what protects these rights?

Criminal Justice System

How might having a criminal conviction restrict my work, study, financial or travel opportunities?

Fake News and Critical Thinking

How do I evaluate the reliability and factual accuracy of online information and how would I respond?

Animal Rights and Sustainability

What are my responsibilities towards the environment and how can I contribute towards sustainability?


Drop Down Day 3 – Global Issues

Lesson Title

Key Questions

Pollution, Plastic and our Environment

What are my responsibilities towards the environment and how can I contribute towards sustainability?


What do I understand about Globalisation?


How are our identities affected by changes in society, now and in the past?


How can communities protect themselves from violent extremism and how could I respond to anything that causes me concern?

Community Cohesion

How does community cohesion impact on my rights and responsibilities?

United Nations

How does the UK relate to Europe, The Commonwealth, The United Nations and the wider world?


Drop Down Day 4 – Life Skills

Lesson Title

Key Questions

Managing Time Effectively

How can I learn from my mistakes in relation to education and employment?

Rights and Responsibilities in the Workplace

What are my rights, responsibilities, attitudes and values in relation to work and enterprise?

Perseverance and Procrastination

How can I use this information to inform my personal target setting and career plans?

Happiness and Positivity

How might exposure to violent imagery affect my personal safety and behaviour?

Relationship Break-ups

How can I identify and manage some of the influences and pressures on my relationships?

Study Skills

How can I maximise my chances when applying for education or employment opportunities?


Drop Down Day 5 – Healthy Outlook

Lesson Title

Key Questions

Blood and Organ Donation

How may donating blood, organs, stem cells etc., benefit both the donor and the recipient?

Tattoos and Piercings

How can we recognise difference between groups of people, while we build on similarities?

Same Sex Relationships

What are the possible features of a consensual sexual relationship?

Teenage Cancer

What is cancer and how might lifestyle choices prevent it occurring?


What emotions may be involved in managing loss and change?

Managing Social Anxiety

What changes in my life can I control, and which are out of my control? How do I feel about this?



Lesson Title

Key Questions


What personal influence do I have now in my community and how could that change in the future?

Harassment and Stalking

What are emotional and physical abuse in relationships and families, and how can people respond?

Money Laundering

How would I identity an exploitative money lender?

Obesity and Body Positivity

To what extent do I achieve a healthy balanced lifestyle?

Screen Time

How can I make informed positive choices to protect check and maintain, my own physical and mental health?

The importance of Sleep

Why is sleep important for my body and how much do I need?

Cybercrime and Online Fraud

How can I keep my card details, PIN and identify safe?

How does Privilege affect us?

How do I respond to difference and diversity in my community?

Personal Safety Wider World

What skills do I need to maintain my personal safety in situations where I am newly independent?

Internet Safety – The Dark Web

What new contexts am I experiencing online and how can I keep myself safe?

Health and Safety at Work

How can health and safety risks be minimised in my employment?

Digital Footprints

What is my digital footprint and how does it affect my online experiences?


Year 11

Drop Down Day 1 – Communities

Lesson Title

Key Questions

Anti-social Behaviour

How can we show mutual understanding and respect for each other?

Binge Drinking

What are the risks to my personal safety if I use alcohol to excess and how are different people affected?

Overt and Covert Racism

How well do I understand the impact of prejudice and discrimination directed at myself or others and how confident do I feel in challenging it?

Sexism and Gender Prejudice

What are the terms for describing different sexual and gender identities and how can we show respect?

Crime, Gangs and County Lines

Why do people join gangs and what are the risks posed by gangs for individuals, families and communities?

Gambling and Online Gambling

How does the gambling industry encourage gambling?


Drop Down Day 2 – Risk Taking Behaviour

Lesson Title

Key Questions

Bullying – Body Shaming

What effects does my body image have on my choices and behaviour?

Consent, Rape and Sexual Abuse

Do I understand the law about rape and its consequences for perpetrators?

First Aid – CPR

Where are defibrillators located in my community and what skills do I need to use one?

Safe Sex and Chemical Sex

How can I identify pressure and influence to engage in intimate or sexual activity and how can I support others?

What is Good Sex?

How can I delay sexual intimacy until I am sure I am ready?

Why do we Take Risks?

Can I evaluate information and how does this inform my decision making in risky situations?


Drop Down Day 3 – Relationships

Lesson Title

Key Questions

Types of Relationships

What are the qualities of positive and healthy relationships?

Fertility and Reproductive Health

How do lifestyle choices affect fertility, reproductive health and the development of a fetus?

Miscarriage and Unplanned Pregnancy

What are the options when a pregnancy is unwanted and what are possible consequences of different options?

Relationships with Role Models

How do I ensure that I maintain a positive sense of identity?

Identity and Diversity

How can I show respect for different views, lifestyles and beliefs?

Why do we need and International Woman’s Day?

How well do I understand the impact of prejudice and discrimination directed at myself or others and how confident do I feel in challenging it?



Lesson Title

Key Questions

Applying to College and University

What are my career progression opportunities in education, training and employment?

Prepare for Job Interviews

How can I maximise my changes when applying for education or employment opportunities?

Trade Unions

What are the rights and responsibilities of employers and employees?

What is Parliament?

How does Parliamentary democracy work and what are the powers of the government?

Living Sustainability

What do I understand about Globalisation?

Independent Living

What skills do I need to maintain personal safety in situations where I am newly independent?

Mental Health – Suicide

What people and services can I access to support my mental health and how can I identity the most appropriate for me?

NHS Blood Donation

How may donating blood, organs, stem cells etc, benefit both the donor and the receipient?


What are the experiences of young parents?


Sixth Form PD Programme 2021-22

Students in Years 12 and 13 continue with a diverse range of opportunities, including visiting speakers, workshops, assemblies and discussions.  These are organised based on what is most relevant to address the needs of the students.  We aim to ensure students have the information they need to make informed choices regarding economic well-being, careers and relationships. We promote good physical and mental health and ensure students know where to go for advice and support. 

Although there is no specific time for PD built into the weekly timetable, the Sixth Form team work hard to plan and implement activities that develop students’ understanding of how to keep safe and how to plan for the future. 

Autumn term


UCAS sessions for all year 13 students planning to apply to university

Students will:

·         Receive IAG about university the process

·         Receive help and advice of selecting appropriate courses

·         Produce high quality personal statements

·         Apply for university before the required deadlines


September 2020


Year 12 students sign up for Autumn NCS Programme

All students to participate – giving them the opportunity to develop problem solving skills, team building and increase social awareness.


October 18th to 20th 


Students attend a three-day visit to Grafham Water run by NCS

Social awareness project launched.


Students participate in a range of activities – suitable for everyone.

Students develop team building skills

Students develop problem solving skills

Activities available to support mental well being

Students will take part in an orienteering program where they will meet different charities they could support through there social action project.


October 21st & 22nd


Students attend a two-day program in school run by NCS looking at social action. 

Students will work in groups to develop a company which sells street food. They will be expected to work with in their teams to complete market research, design a product, look at marketing the product. They will have to budget, shop and produce their dish where they will then have to pitch the idea to a panel.

They will be expected to participate in a debate and decide which charity they will plan and fundraise for.

November – 4th December


Students being social awareness projects in teams – completing 30 hours

Develop team working & problem solving

Students identify 4 local projects they can support.

Students plan and deliver chosen activity

Students develop roles within their teams. 

November 8th


Mental Health support team looking at managing stress and Anxiety.

Students will participate in discussions around mental health. They will consider triggers for poor mental health and look at their understanding of depression & anxiety. They will participate in activities designed to help them consider how to reduce their stress and anxiety and how to care for themselves and each other to ensure they have positive mental health.

November 12th

12 & 13

What Career Live/What University Live

Virtual Event – students will be expected to log on and will be given information how to do so.



Students will understand:

The different post 18 options available to them

The different types of sectors that deliver apprenticeships

The different courses available at university and the entry requirements needed

Acquire additional information on applying for universities or apprenticeships

November 16th

12 & 13

Study skills with Neaco and Cambridge University

Students will participate in workshops designed to look at study skills, including how to revise, how to use free periods and research on the best way to survive the exam season.



Students deliver outcome of their projects to local organisations

Students complete projects

Students deliver projects to their chosen organisation


December 8th

12 & 13

University open day

Students will have to opportunity to attend Lincoln university for an open day. They will get the chance to explore subjects, speak with lectures and students who attend there. They will view the accommodation and look at the city.

December 15th

12 & 13

Motivational Speaker

All students will attend a session with a motivational speaker. They will have the opportunity to ask questions and get involved in the discussion.

Spring Term 2022



Intended outcome

January 26th

12 & 13

Sexual assault ambassador training

For students to understand the impact of sexual assault and harassment. Students will undertake a full day of activities including exploring services available to men and women who are sexually assaulted. Looking at the reasons people do not report sexual assault and harassment and what we can do to support people who have been sexually assault or harassed.

February 8th


C-Card & Sexual health

Students will attend a session learning about contraception. They will also discuss sexual health and look at STI’s.

February 8th

12 & 13’s not going to university

Apprenticeship Assembly

Students will attend an assembly about Apprenticeships. They will learn about what type of jobs you can do via an apprenticeship. They will also have the opportunity to sign up for more specific sessions including police apprenticeships and how to sign up for an apprenticeship.

February 8th

12 & 13

On the ball

Students will attend a session learning about testicular cancer. It will look at what the early indicators are. Who is most likely to get it and how to check regularly to ensure that any issues are found and addressed early.

February 21st

12 & 13

Road safety

Students will attend a presentation and discussion with members of the fire service and road policing team. They will learn about the risk of driving the fatal 4 and what to do if you have concerns about a driver. They will engage in discussions to ensure they understand the risk and what can be done to mitigate as many of them as possible.

March 3rd


Mental health Ambassador

Students will have the opportunity to undertake mental health training. This will allow they to take on the role of mental health ambassador within the school, volunteering in the Chat Bar.



Cookery classes

Year 13 will be given the opportunity to book into an optional session on how to cook on a budget.

March 29th


Student Finance

All year 13’s going to university will attend a session regarding student finance. It will look at how to apply. There will also be a video uploaded onto the website for parents.

March 30th

12 & 13

Is It Worth it?

This is a presentation delivered by the police educational awareness team. It looks at awareness and understanding of consent as well as focusing on risk taking behaviours and the consequences of them, such as knife crime, drugs, CSE, CCE and the stages of grooming.

Summer Term 22



Intended outcome

April 28th

12 & 13


The Boobettes will be visiting to deliver a talk on breast cancer. This will look at what the symptoms of breast cancer are, how both men and women can get breast cancer. It will look at how to check you breasts and what to do if you find a lump.

April 30th


Budgeting at University


This will be a session looking at how to budget when you’re at university.




This will allow all students to explore UCAS, they will be encouraged to set up a UCAS account and put basic information in. They will have the opportunity to consider different courses and look at the different types of universities.

June 30th


UCAS Exhibition

All Year 12 students will attend the UCAS Exhibition to look at different universities. This includes Russell Group universities as well as city and Campus universities. Students will have the opportunities to explore courses available at different universities.

July 1st


University Open Day

All Year 12 Students will go to an open day at Nottingham Trent university. This will allow them to be in a university environment and see what it is like. They will have a campus tour and be able to look at accommodation. They will also look at different departments and gain more information about the courses available.

Autumn term 2021 update



Intended outcome