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In line with St Peter's behaviour policy, the department expects students to arrive to lessons on time, smartly dressed, and, with the correct equipment (including scientific calculators and maths set). We also expect students to be polite and kind, follow instructions first time and complete all tasks set.

Students will be expected to complete weekly set homework - please see the homework page for details.  Failure to complete the homework, will result in after school detentions with the class teacher.

A personal computer with internet access to and is assumed - students with no such facilities should inform their class teachers as soon as possible.  Each student will be provided with the login details for HegartyMaths. It is the students’ responsibility to create a memorable password when they login for the first time. In the case of TTRockstar the students will be provided with username and password.


In January all Year 7 students will be studying a module on geometry and construction. It would help us enormously if every student came prepared for this with a ruler, sharp pencil and protractor.

In Year 8 and 9 they will need a full geometry set including compass and set squares; many students choose to buy one of those now as it is a more efficient way to get all the items. These can be bought from most supermarkets. Alternatively, the school Library stationery shop sells pencils, rulers and protractors as separate items.