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ICT and Computing

Subject Statement:

"Computing isn't about computers anymore, it is about living" 

Nicholas Negroponte

Imagine a world where we couldn’t have the internet at the tips of our fingers, a world where telephones were still in a red telephone box and a world where travelling around the globe was mainly by sailing ship. Computing has revolutionised the world to make our lives easier to communicate, travel, play games, shop and build businesses.

In 1943 Thomas J. Watson Jr. of I.B.M.  said in 1943 that, “I think there is a world market for about five computers.” Today you would be surprised to find any typical household in modern Britain that has less than 5 computers or smart devices within it.

Computers are the technological foundations of almost everything we use, Smart phones, games consoles, Smart TV’s, home heating systems, washing machines, microwaves and even the braking systems in our cars! Without the developments in computing none of these advances would have been possible.

At St Peter’s we have designed a curriculum that the students are exposed to a wide range of computing concepts that will allow them to LEARN in depth to prepare them for the outside world that relies so heavily on computing. In Key Stage 3 they will learn about the potential dangers of the internet through E-Safety, the inner workings of a PC through its components, low to high level programming and networking. Key Stage 3 students also revisit the use of key IT programs to ensure that they are able to participate efficiently in the digital world.  This will give the grounding necessary for students to take Computer Science as an option subject at both Key Stage 4 as a GCSE and Key Stage 5 as an A-Level.

Upon completion of these Key Stages the intent is for our students to ASPIRE to enter the world of Computing with the skills necessary to be a success either through the university route or apprenticeship route. We aim to collaborate with local and regional businesses to provide a clear and explicit link between Computing in school and the world of work.

Through this educational journey we want our students to EXCEED their own expectations and develop into young adults who are ready to enter the world and make a positive difference to the world of computing just as much as we aim as educators to make a positive contribution to their education and development as young people.