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History: Key Stage 5

At Key Stage 5 students study route H of the Pearson Edexcel A Level course. This exciting and challenging course is taught using a range of methods and media.  It allows students to debate ideas and work independently as well as in groups.  Students are thoroughly prepared for the challenges of further study and develop a wealth of skills applicable to a wide variety of jobs today.

The A level History course is designed to further students in a variety of ways. Students will be encouraged to:

  • develop their interest in and enthusiasm for History as well as understand its value and significance.
  • appreciate social, cultural, religious and ethnic diversity through their studies.
  • become independent learners as well as critical and reflective thinkers.
  • acquire an understanding of the nature of historical study.
  • develop their use and understanding of historical terms, concepts and skills.
  • organise and communicate their historical knowledge and understanding in different ways.
  • make links and draw comparisons.
  • argue a case effectively and make judgements based on evidence.

Student’s study three examined sections over the course of two years, and complete one piece of coursework. Paper 1 and Paper2 are completed in year 12 and Paper 3 and coursework are completed in year 13.

Paper 1: Option H Britain transformed 1918-97

Paper 2: Option H USA 1920-55: Boom, Bust and recovery

Paper 3: Option 33 The Witch craze in Britain, Europe and North America c1580-1750

Historical enquiry focusing on the Blitz and whether it is true to argue that there was a Blitz spirit. This is completed individually and is approximately 3000-4000 words.