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Geography: Key Stage 3

Year 7

Our year 7 curriculum is designed to give all students the basic skills that will help them to fully explore the world in which we live. Embedded within lessons students will be taught key geographical skills such as the use of maps and grid references. The first term allows students to learn about where we live, focusing on continental Europe as well as the physical landscapes of the UK. Students also have the opportunity to develop their understanding of their local environment with a river enquiry focusing on Huntingdon, an urban enquiry into the town as well as exploring the East of England. Making comparisons between countries, people and experiences is a key part of the geography curriculum and students have the opportunity to do this while looking at the human and physical features of Africa.


Year 8

In year 8 we focus on world issues such as ‘Is the earth running out of resources?’. Within this topic students will be able to develop both their physical and human understanding of the world and will use Antarctica as an example of this. This case study is further applied in the unit which explores tectonic hazards considering why Antarctica does not have earthquakes. Building on the foundations of year 7, students in year 8 will look at the wider world with studies of India, Japan and China.  Within this they will explore both human and physical features as well as the issues that these countries face. These country studies are further developed through looking at why some poor countries stay in poverty. This topic specifically builds on some of the features from year 7, considering the human and physical features and making links between countries and continents. Further development of some of these issues is considered by looking at the topic of conflict.


Year 9

By the start of year 9 students have had the opportunity to look at the UK and the wider world, and the design of the curriculum for year 9 builds on this wider understanding by looking in depth at a variety of environmental and ethical topics.  We start the year looking at hazards which result from weather, which also allows an exploration of the very topical subject of climate change. This provides opportunities for students to apply their geographical understanding to current issues.  A country study on the Middle East develops these ideas further, with application of key geographical concepts. Students will move focus throughout the year to look at Russia as an example of a cold environments, developing their understanding of the country further by looking at the changes that this country has experienced in terms of trade. The final topic of globalisation has been designed to allow the students to bring together all of the aspects they have learnt throughout the year and apply these to an enquiry into globalisation.