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Curriculum Map

Year 7

What Makes Geography Different? How do patterns of weather vary in different parts of the school, country and world? How does ice change the world?

How have physical processes shaped our local area?

Rivers and Coasts

What are the challenges and opportunities faced by Africa? How can I find out how much litter there is at St Peter's?

Year 8


Should Antarctica be developed?​


Are we living in the Anthropocene?​​


How and why are populations changing?​


Can we ever know enough about earthquakes and volcanoes to live safely?​

Year 9


Why is Haiti the poorest country in the northern hemisphere?


Is rapid development a “good thing”?​​


Is the geography of Russia a curse or a benefit?​

Middle East

Why is the Middle East an important world region? How is Asia being transformed?​​

Year 10

Living World​

How do ecosystems operate and vary in contrasting parts of the world?​



Polar Regions

What opportunities exist for development in polar regions?

UK's Economic Shift

How shoudl the UK manage its shift from an industrialised to a knowledged-based economy?

Cambridge's Challenges

How can Cambridge overcome the challenges created by the wider changees in the UK's economy?

Sustainable Urban Development

How can a city best develop in a sustainable way?


Weather Hazards

How do storms form and create risks?

Climate Change

Who will be most affected by a changing climate?

Coasts and Glaciers

How do waves and glaciers shape the land and how does this create challenges for people?

An investigation into the work of waves and glaciers and their management

Year 11

Nigeria and Lagos

What impact is the rapid development of Nigeria having on Lagos?​

Tectonic Hazards

How do people respond to the tectonic risks?

Resource Management

How can we best manage food, water and energy in the UK?

Food Resources

How can we manage global food supplies to ensure a sustainable supply?

Sustainable Urban Development​

“How can a city best develop in a sustainable way​

Revision and Examinations including preperation for Paper 3 Pre-Release