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Exceed Curriculum

At St Peters we are keen to develop our Learn, Aspire, Exceed Curriculum and to provide opportunities to exceed student potential and give students opportunities to do this beyond the classroom. To support this, we are providing Exceed work for students to access via SharePoint and Teams.  This work is designed to provide students with complex and challenging work that will extend their knowledge and understanding in a range of subjects. This work is designed to complement students' regular homework and should be completed as additional work to complement their normal learning. 

We believe that this will not only enhance their understanding, but also foster the development of their skills in a diverse range of subjects. 

To access the work students should click on the link below, please note that this link will only work for St Peters students, via their school Office 365 accounts. 

If you would like any further information about the Exceed provision, please contact Mr Reeve via

Click Here For Exceed work