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Useful Websites

In order to help support further with English, below are a list of recommended websites from the English department.


AQA English Language and English Literature

Here are links to the exam board websites for all of the qualifications we study. This will allow students to access past exam papers and access helpful tips from AQA.


GCSE Bitesize

A website run by the BBC which goes over key skills and resources for the GCSEs in English Language and English Literature.


Seneca Learning

An online, free revision tool which allows students to revise key topics interactively.


Mr Bruff

A YouTube channel, run by a former teacher, with videos that cover key topics in the English Language and English Literature GCSE. His website also has revision guides.


KS3 Quizzes

This website is designed for Key Stage 3 students and helps quiz them on different aspects of the English curriculum.