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At St Peter’s, we believe literary is an important skill for students to develop in order to be successful both academically and in their future endeavours.

Students in year 7 will receive one literacy-based lesson every fortnight. Students will be taught technical skills and SPAG in the first section of this lesson. At least 20 minutes of this session will be independent reading. Students will keep a record of their reading during the fortnight in a reading log.

Students in year 7 will visit the library at least once a term during their skill lessons. This will be to encourage them to read a wider range of skills and to challenge them in their reading.

At GCSE, literacy skills are a key component of the English Language GCSE, where students receive 16 marks for their technical accuracy and are required to read sources independently. Therefore, lots of our lesson time and independent learning activities are focussed on encouraging students to engage with a variety of text types in order to hone their skills.

Throughout all years, we also work closely with the Library to take part in a range of competitions and opportunities for students to develop their love of literary. These include World Book Day, Harry Potter Day, book fairs and visiting authors.

For students in the Sixth Form, the English department has created a ‘Reading Cupboard’ where students must select a book to read independently every term in order to improve the breadth of their reading and literacy.

As expected, the most valuable skill a student can develop to improve their literacy is their independent reading. Therefore, any independent reading that you can encourage your son/daughter to be partaking in at home will help them to engage with their study of English in every year at St Peter’s.