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At St. Peter’s School we believe that every student – regardless of ability, culture or background – can reach their potential.


English Subject Statement:

"Once you learn to read, you will be forever free"

Frederick Douglass


English is a subject which is diverse, inspirational, challenging, engaging and innovative. At St Peter’s, we believe our curriculum should reflect exactly these principles. From Shakespeare plays to comic books, love poetry to punctuation, and modern novels to iconoclast speeches, the English curriculum is designed to expose students to a range of texts, opinions and writing opportunities from their first moments at St Peter’s.


The English curriculum at St Peter’s school is designed as a journey which introduces and develops skills for students which they will use throughout their schooling and in later life: an ability to communicate clearly, accurately and effectively; an ability to understand, discuss and analyse a range of different texts; an ability to appreciate the connections between texts and the cultures and societies in which they exist; as well as a confidence in presenting their own opinions using their own words. 


Through giving students these vital skills and nurturing their individual talents, students who leave St Peter’s are provided with a powerful triad of reading, writing and speaking skills which prepare them to be successful citizens and to continually learn, aspire and exceed.