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Drama: Key Stage 4

In Year 10, students work towards completing a BTEC Tech Award in Performing Arts.


What will I study?

The Drama BTEC is broken down into three main areas of content that students will cover.


Component 1 – Exploring the Performing Arts

Students will explore how a complete performance text might be interpreted and realised from ‘page to stage’. This exploration will give students an insight into how texts may be brought to life for an audience and the creative roles within this process.

Students will also analyse and evaluate their experience of a live theatre performance as a member of the audience. Students will be able to analyse how meaning is created through the range of resources available to a theatre director.


Component 2 – Developing Skills and Techniques in the Performing Arts

In this module, students are given the opportunity to perform extracts from a written play. Students will interpret this text and rehearse and refine two key extracts, leading to a final performance. They will demonstrate and use a wide range of acting and/or design skills to communicate their interpretation in performance. Students will also complete a reflective log to consider their performance choices and how future performances could be improved.


Component 3 – Performing to a Brief

Students will explore how a theatre director completes a performance for a specific context or audience. Working in small groups, students generate their own idea for a performance before rehearsing, devising and reviewing their performance. After performing their chosen piece, students compile a short log to outline the process they have gone through.


What can this qualification lead to?

Students can use Drama BTEC as a springboard to study A levels in Drama, Media or English. However, the speaking and listening skills that are developed during a GCSE in Drama are invaluable for the presentational skills that many jobs now desire.


Further information

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