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Design and Technology: Key Stage 3

Product Design

Year 7

Topic: Mechanical Grabber


The Grabber Project’s emphasis is on developing students making skills. Students will also ignite their critical thinking through the exploration of mechanisms, links and leverages. This will inform the construction of the grabber. They will be introduced to hand tools and safe working in the workshop.


Year 8

Topic: Acrylic Clock Project

Students will develop their designing skills, both manually along with digital (CAD).

Starting with a brief history of Design movements through 19th & 20th century. This offers an understanding of the evolution of Design and its influences.

Being able to:

  • Follow a design brief
  • Research target markets
  • Produce a specification
  • Identify materials best suited for the job
  • Model components prior to manufacture
  • Produce accurate CAD drawings for Laser cutter to follow
  • Use appropriate joining techniques for assembly

And evaluating the success of the outcome, are all relevant skills within Product Design


Year 9

Topic: Gardening Starter Kit


Within the gardening starter kit project, students develop a range of skills and knowledge that will help them exceed at GCSE, whilst producing a simple trowel (woods and metals focus), seed bag (textiles focus), and packaging sleeve (graphics/papers and boards focus). The project is structured as a mini-NEA; with the opportunity to practise key features of the GCSE such as

  • writing a full specification
  • producing a high-quality manufacturing diary
  • developing appropriate quality control processes

The project also targets several key National Curriculum objectives, including

  • developing user-centred designs (basing the project in a real-world context, and highlighting areas of user research)
  • designing and communicating using a variety of techniques (sketching, simple and complex isometric, annotation, and maths-based modelling)

selecting of specialist materials and adhesives (research into fastener types, exploration of stock forms used in industry).


Food Technology

Year 7

Topic: Global Grub


Introduction to food hygiene and safety, safe cutting techniques and knife skills through practical tasks such as fruit salad, scones and Stir fry.

Improving knife skills, researching the food of other cultures by creating international dishes such as Moroccan soup and Pasta Carbonara.


Theory work

- Eatwell Guide, introduction to nutrition and food science.

- Developing knowledge of how food and drink high in sugar affect the body and increasing food science terms.


Year 8

Topic: Raising Agents


A broadening of practical skills and confidence with cooking dishes independently.

Extending Food Theory knowledge in preparation for higher level study at GCSE.

An investigation into the properties of different raising agents exploring the scientific nature of the Food curriculum.


Year 9

Topic: An introduction into Food Preparation & Nutrition

This project gives students an insight to the theoretical content and non-examined assessment aspect of the food nutrition and preparation GCSE.

Students will gain further knowledge on a balanced diet and the impact diet has on health.

Students will consider dietary needs of individuals before planning and preparing a dish.

Knife skills and health and hygiene practises will be revisited whilst working in the kitchens. As well and cooking their chosen dish students will also make two other healthy recipes.



Year 7

Topic: The Chocolate Wrapper Project

Student will reflect upon the wider responsibilities of a designer; considering the effects the choices we make have on others around the world.  

An introduction to product analysis, investigations into target audiences and inspirations will be used to inform and develop design ideas for a new ethical brand of chocolate. Industrial processes will also be explored.

The project is designed to develop students understanding of social, moral and ethical aspects of design and technology, as well as stretching their creative and critical thinking in preparation for KS4 and beyond.


Year 8

Topic: Shoe Point of Sale Display Project


After building an understanding of possible target markets for a specific shoe students will explore idea generation through modelling within this point-of-sale display project.

Communication skills will be developed through the introduction of technical drawing and rendering.


Year 9

Topic: T Shirt Graphics


Introduction to the role designers play in sustainability.

Design and make a campaign t-shirt – research and discussion of branding and exploration of a variety of decoration techniques is used to inform students design decisions.