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Design and Technology

Subject Statement:

Design and Technology surrounds us in every aspect of our daily lives. Throughout history the innovation of humans has driven our development and made the seemingly impossible possible. 

In 1900 there were no motor cars, but by 1969 Neil Armstrong had walked on the moon.

There is the high technology and high design of the latest phone or gadget and the equally useful and valuable low technology, almost unnoticed design like the Bic Biro.

Designers and Technologists will continue to create, refine and innovate to solve the problems of the future and to make lives easier and more exciting for the global population.

At St Peter’s we have designed a curriculum which will enable students to LEARN a broad and stable foundation across product design, food and graphics in Key Stage 3

At St Peter’s our curriculum provides students with the opportunity to LEARN the key skills of D&T through the investigation of materials and contexts, by exploring a range of design and make techniques and by gaining an understanding of the importance of communication and evaluation across the disciplines we offer- product design, food, and graphics. Our intent, through iterative design, is to develop confidence in our students so they can learn to become effective problem solvers and to grow intrigue beyond the classroom.

Our students will ASPIRE to follow a wide range of careers in Design and related industries going on to improve the world through the products and services they work on. We aim to collaborate with local and regional businesses to provide a clear and explicit link between design in school and the world of work.

We support our students to EXCEED their own expectations and develop interesting, creative and inspiring solutions to real world problems. We are proud of our students work and look forward to each new student creating something new.