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Art: Key Stage 3

Key Stage 3 is focused on developing skills and understanding through the formal elements of art; these are incorporated in to different themes in Years 7 and 8 which allow students  to explore a range of materials, techniques and creative activities, key areas of focus are Natural forms, Multicultural Pattern, Tone, Portraits, Still life and Landscape. In Year 9 students are given more freedom to make independent choices within their projects. Relevant areas of Art History are studied within each project, allowing students to experience the work of a variety of artists from different genres; these are used as the inspiration for students’ own work. There is a strong emphasis on engaging with the work of other artists and for students to develop their critical analysis skills alongside their practical work.

Students will use a variety of starting points, work from observation and study the work of artists. These starting points will be developed over a number of lessons and they will be expected to collect ideas and information in sketchbooks and develop work in a thoughtful manner. There will be the opportunity to work in a variety of media which may include paint, pastel, inks, collage, 3D and printing.

Students receive formative feedback on classwork and summative grades in line with the school assesment policy. The assesments will focus on different skills throughout the year. Students are encouraged to self-assess their work against set criteria and in response to this set personal targets for the development of their work.


Please click the link below for access to your art homework (You will need to sign into Office 365 using your school E-Mail and Password if you are not already logged in)

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