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Departmental Contacts

Staff Member Role E-Mail
Mrs J Knibbs Assistant Head Teacher for Inclusion
Miss N Sawyer SENDCO and Lead for Nurture
Mrs S Phillis SENDCO Assistant 
Mrs J Somers SEND Teacher and Lead for Cabin
Miss R Gillman SEND Teacher 
Miss S May SEND Teacher 
Mrs J Johnson Teaching Assistant Mentor 
Mrs H Empson Teaching Assistant Mentor 
Miss M Swannell-Bell Cabin Lead Communication Support Specialist
Mrs E Owens Teaching Assistant 
Mr J Page Teaching Assistant 
Mrs T Bynoe Cabin Communication Support Specialist 
Mr T Hubbard Personal Assistant 
Miss L Cunningham Personal Assistant 
Mr D Matthews Teaching Assistant
Miss A Cross Inclusion Support Worker
Miss K Carimba Hardy'Jah Cabin Teaching Assistant
Miss A Blackwell Cabin Teaching Assistant
Miss K Peel EAL Lead and Cabin Teaching Assistant
Miss M Favell Cabin Teaching Assistant
Miss K Welford Cabin Teaching Assistant 
Mrs L Farrant Inclusion Support Worker 
Mrs D Abraham Inclusion Support Worker 
Miss H Hepburn Inclusion Support Worker 
Mrs R Acolina Personal Assistant 
Miss J Bakewell Cabin Communication Support Specialist 
Mrs K Smith Cabin Teaching Assistant
Mrs K Lovell Cabin Teaching Assistant 
Mrs A Dunkley Cabin Teaching Assistant 
Mrs J Fowler-MArtin Cabin Teaching Assistant 
Mrs S Stowers Cabin Teaching Assistant 
Miss E Herbert Cabin Teaching Assistant 
Mrs C Clack Cabin Teaching Assistant