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Communication and Interaction Needs

This section covers students who have difficulties with:

  • Speech, Language and CommunicationNeeds (SLCN)Hearing
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

What Can St Peter's Offer?

Please note: These options need to be agreed upon for each student in conjunction with parents/carers and then regularly reviewed /modified.

All students can access:

  • Quality First teaching with appropriate differentiation (including best SEND practice).
  • Visual aids to support key vocabulary, concepts and themes.
  • Dedicated and caring staff who value all students regardless of ability.

Support for targeted groups of students may include:

  • Visual timetables
  • Assisted technology
  • Supported breaks and lunchtimes
  • Access to Teaching Assistant support.
  • Nurture class/adapted curriculum

Targeted individual support may include:

  • Personalised support plans.
  • Additional interventions
  • Quiet place to go
  • Mentor
  • Exam Access Arrangements.
  • Keyworkers for students with EHCP’s or with a high-level need.
  • Access to The Cabin

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