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Year 11

Year 11 is an enjoyable yet challenging and eventful year for students, the climax of which is of course their GCSE examinations. Mrs Thomas, Miss Watts, and myself are here to help, support and guide students through Year 11. We will work together to ensure they are in the best possible position to be successful on a personal and academic level.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or queries regarding Year 11.

Mr Cartwright

(Head Of Year)

Mrs Thomas

(Student Support Manager)

Miss Watts

(Deputy Head Of Year)

Having High Standards

We wish all students to have the best possible start to each day at school. Some school standards which will help all students to have a great start to each day are:

  • Continuing to be polite and positive members of the school community
  • Wearing full school uniform, in line with the school’s uniform policy
  • Wearing PE kits on PE days, in line with the school’s uniform policy
  • Attendance should be 96% and above to maximise classroom learning
  • Students should be in school and ready to learn by 8.30am
  • Basic equipment for all subjects is required (a pen / a spare pen, a pencil, a ruler etc) as well as equipment needed for specific GCSE subjects, if necessary

Getting Revision Ready

The presentation from the revision evening is now available as a PDF document. Please follow the link at the side of the page. There are also links to other revision documents that you may also find helpful.


Key Dates

  • Parents Evening 18th October
  • Mock Exams start Wb 7th November


Revision Guides

Ancient History Revision Business Studies Revision English Revision
Food Technology Revision French Revision Music Revision
History Revision Product Design Revision Sports Science Revision
Maths Revision Science Revision Hair & Beauty Revision