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Year 11

Year 11 is both an exciting and a challenging year for all students as they head towards the end of their KS4 education. I encourage all students to embrace the new learning they will receive; to be inquisitive about their chosen subjects and to work through adversities, knowing they can achieve their goals.


Please do not hesitate to contact any member of the Year 11 Team for advice or support:


Mrs K Weaver, Student Support Manager –

Mr C Reeve, Assistant Head of Year –

Mrs L Lockyer, Head of Year –


Year 11 Prom

The Year 11 prom will be held on Thursday 27th June, 2024. More information will follow in due course.


Having High Standards

We wish all students to have the best possible start to each day at school. Some school standards which will help all students to have a great start to each day are:


  • Continuing to be polite and positive members of the school community
  • Wearing full school uniform, in line with the school’s uniform policy.
  • Wearing PE kits on PE days, in line with the school’s uniform policy
  • Assemblies take place on a Monday with no practical PE lessons – no PE kits should be worn on this day
  • Attendance should be 96% and above to maximise classroom learning
  • Students should be in school and ready to learn by 8.30am
  • Basic equipment for all subjects is required (a pen / a spare pen, a pencil, a ruler etc) as well as equipment needed for specific GCSE subjects, if necessary


We understand how stressful Year 11 can be for all students. Please use the following links to support with GCSE worries: