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Year 10

Year 10 is both an exciting and a challenging year for all students as they embrace the start of their KS4 education. I encourage all students to embrace the new learning they will receive; to be inquisitive about their chosen subjects and to work through adversities, knowing they can achieve their goals.


Please do not hesitate to contact any member of the Year 10 Team for advice or support:


Mrs K Weaver, Student Support Manager –

Mr C Reeve, Assistant Head of Year –

Mrs L Lockyer, Head of Year –


Mock Exam Expectations:

  • Wear full school uniform
  • Arrive 10-15 minutes early for each exam
  • Lines up sensibly before entering the exam hall
  • Know your seat number
  • Behave respectfully to allow all students to maximise their allocated time
  • Have a clear water bottle with no label
  • Have a clear pencil case with subject specific equipment and spare pens
  • Remove watches before exams
  • Attend lessons as scheduled for non-exam times
  • Exam conditions start as soon as students leave the changing rooms to store their belongings – this means they are silent and only face the front in the exam hall. If there is an issue, they should raise their hand and an invigilator will assist them, but they cannot help with the work.
  • Students to speak with staff if they are worried about their mock exams or if they are feeling overwhelmed


Having High Standards

We wish all students to have the best possible start to each day at school. Some school standards which will help all students to have a great start to each day are:


  • Continuing to be polite and positive members of the school community
  • Wearing full school uniform, in line with the school’s uniform policy.
  • Wearing PE kits on PE days, in line with the school’s uniform policy
  • Attendance should be 96% and above to maximise classroom learning
  • Students should be in school and ready to learn by 8.30am
  • Basic equipment for all subjects is required (a pen / a spare pen, a pencil, a ruler etc) as well as equipment needed for specific GCSE subjects, if necessary



Students should know their target grades and their ‘next steps’ for their subjects. We will be working on this during Tutor Time and students will bring their grade slips home each half term.