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Personal Development

Subject Statement:

Why is PSHE education important for students in our school?


Effective PSHE education supports the development of physically, emotionally and socially healthy young people, equipped to live healthy, safe, productive and responsible lives and to keep themselves and others safe. (PSHE Association)

At St Peter's we know that the personal development, risk awareness and gaining of life skills is incredibly important in order for our students to go on to be successful contributors to the local community.  We aim to provide students with an all-round education developing the whole person, which will serve as a basis for a successful and fulfilled future as students, employees, employers and parents. We aim to motivate students to learn, aspire and exceed in their examination results and develop core employment capabilities for adult life.  We are following the Cambridgeshire Personal Development Framework, which includes delivery of Citizenship and Relationships Education, Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) and Health Education.

We are developing a diverse and carefully mapped curriculum across years 7-13 which actively develops the students awareness of key issues and helps them to make positive choices in the future (for more information on the kind of topics covered please see the curriculum map in the drop down menu to the left).  With reference to the Cambridgeshire Children and Young People’s Health and Wellbeing Survey 2018, we focus on making educated decisions about alcohol consumption, contraception and healthy lifestyles, developing awareness of the dangers of smoking and drugs, and we encourage the consideration of British Values and the value of SMSC regarding LGBTQI+, relationships and bullying.

We want our young people to be healthy, both mentally and physically, form strong and safe relationships and develop an awareness about the world and their place within it. When they leave us, we will have prepared them for the world of work and taught them the skills to be able to lead happy and healthy adult lives.

From 2020, Personal Development will be taught in a variety of ways:

  • In Key stage 5, through outside speakers, collapsed sessions in school and visits.
  • In Years 10 and 11, Personal Development is taught during core lesson time, during Option block lessons on a carousel plus a drop down morning in each year.  Tutor times for students in year 11 are also used for a weekly SMSC activity. The KS4 3 year plan is for 39 hours of delivery in Year 10 and 31 hours in Year 11.
  • In Year 9 students have one Personal Development lesson per week, and Year 7 and 8 students have one lesson per week on a carousel.
  • For both Key Stage 3 and 4, a number of themed days and visiting speakers are organised throughout the year to ensure the most up to date and relevant information is given to students.