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Personal Development and Life Skills

Contact - M Gregory - Assistant Head Teacher -

Welcome to Personal Development and Life Skills

At St Peter's we know that the personal development, risk awareness and gaining of life skills is incredibly important in order for ourstudents to go on to be successful contirbutors to the local community.

We have developed a diverse and carefully mapped curriculum across years 7-11 which actively develops the students awareness of key issues and helps them to make positive choices in the future. (for more information on the kind of topics covered please see the curriculum map in the drop down menu to the left).

PDLS is taught in three ways:

  • Tutor times once a week for students in y7-11.
  • Key Stage 3 students have 20 lessons over the course of a year that are devoted to PDLS
  • A number of themed days and visting speakers are organised throughout the year to ensure the most up to date andrelevant infromation is given to students.

We believe that a thorough grounding in careers education, citizenship and health education is vital to students’ success in the adult world and we lay particular emphasis on these facets of the Personal Development programme. This includes understanding diversity and difference, political literacy and active community involvement.