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The Importance Of History

History is currently a subject that is being taken to a different level in the world today. Everyone has an interest in the past, and we are passionate about harnessing that, and developing an understanding of how it affects us today.

History at St Peters seeks to inspire and enable our students to understand how the past contributes to the future, giving them the skills and processes in order to be able to do this competently.

The History Department Approach

As a department within a school that has a range of abilities and strengths, it is important that students are encouraged to develop their learning within their ability, as well as something that will benefit them across the curriculum.

We encourage our students to:

  • Be aware that history is happening all around us.
  • Feel their opinion is valued but it must be informed.
  • Question.
  • Be aware of the reliability and bias of all sources.
  • Appreciate the nature of the source.
  • Be aware of stereotypes and generalisations.
  • Be aware of topical events and important occasions.
  • Appreciate that there isn’t always a clear answer or one answer.
  • Appreciate an understanding of History is necessary to understanding and participating in the  world at large, whether one studies History further or not.
  • Appreciate the significance of key events on the direction of society.
  • Develop empathy.

We can encourage these through:

  • Discussion with pupils (class, small group and one-to-one)
  • Direct questioning
  • Written comments in books
  • Nature of tasks set
  • Differentiation
  • Providing pupils with varied reading
  • Modeling this approach/leading by example

Miss E Kerr-Laslett
Head of History


In History we are offering the students a chance to personalise their homework and giving them a greater role in managing their own learning. They will now be set homework regularly from the attached takeaway menu. The menu includes different tasks of varying levels of difficulty. The teacher will ask the students to choose their homework task from the menu, and the task will be based on that days lesson. At least once a term the students should try to complete one of the activities from the hardest section, to make sure they are challenging themselves.


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Miss E Kerr-Laslett Head Of History, RE, Philosophy & Psychology
Mrs E Bowater Head Of Humanities