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Contact - T Dineen - Head of Department -

At St. Peter’s School we believe that every student – regardless of ability, culture or background – can reach their potential.

Therefore, together as a department, we aim:

  • To foster a love of English.
  • To collaborate with other staff members to create an English curriculum which is: inspirational, challenging, engaging and innovative.
  • To develop students’ confidence in reading and writing.
  • To ensure that students are aware of the positive impact that English can have on their future.
  • To nurture the individual talents of our students.
  • To regularly assess student progress and attainment to ensure that all students are aware of how to be successful in English.


Staff Member



Lucy Mallett

Teaching and Learning Leader

Anni Matthew

Assistant Head Teacher and Head of Sixth Form

Eilish Kilkelly

Teacher of English and Schools Direct Mentor

Carolyn Merricks

Teacher of English

Lisa Lockyer

Teacher of English

Tom Dineen

Head of Department (Disadvantaged)

Lisa Nahajski

Assistant Head of Department (Assessment)

Carla Wright

Teacher of English (School Direct Trainee)