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Business Studies

Contact - S Robson - Head of Business -

Business Studies at St. Peter's is an optional subject, offered from Year 9. Students are taught a Foundation course which acts as an introduction to GCSE study.

In year 10, students start an OCR Nationals course, to be replaced in September 2013 by the Cambridge Nationals course. OCR Nationals is 100% coursework, while the latter will include an examination as well as coursework.

GCSE is currently being taught in Year 11, but this will no longer be offered to new students.

In Year 12 and 13, students are offered an A Level course in Applied Business (Edexcel). Previous study is not essential, but there are minimum qualifications required for this and any other A Level at St. Peter's.

Courses are open to all students and involve trips to businesses, visiting speakers and personal research. Students have excellent access to ICT facilities and are taught by specialist teachers with a wide range of examining and business experience.

For further details see individual pages for each year group or alternatively contact the subject area co-ordinator.