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Activities For Year 11 & Year 13 Summer 2021

Dear Parent/Carer/Student

As you know, our timetabled lessons for Year 11 and year 13 students end this Friday 28th May. After May half term we will be inviting in a small minority of students to make sure their evidence is robust for the Teacher Assessed Grade system. We are confident that for most students we will have the full range of evidence by the end of this week. 

We are issuing a range of work online for Year 11 and year 13 students to complete after May half term to develop their wider understanding of certain curriculum areas and to keep them actively engaged in education. The work for year 13 is around careers, employment and preparation for university.

There are a range of activities as outlined below; all students can access all tasks, but those returning to the 6th form in September must complete the transition tasks. 

Transitions tasks 

These activities have been designed to support the step up into A level study from September. Students should complete these and bring them to school at the start of the autumn term. In many subjects this work forms the foundation of the first few weeks of lessons in school. 

Click Here For Transition Tasks


Wider Reading Year 11

These activities give students a wider experience of subjects beyond the confines of the exam specifications they have been studying at GCSE. There are a range of practical, academic and online tasks that students can choose to engage in. 

Click Here For Year 11 Wider Reading


Wider Reading Year 13

These activities are designed to help students think about finance, careers, university, apprenticeships, and wellbeing. Students can work through them at their own pace.

Click Here For Year 13 Wider Reading

Online resources 

Oak National Academy has a wide range of GCSE subject lessons available. This would be particularly useful if a student is planning on picking up a new subject at College or 6th form that they haven’t studied before. 

Click Here For Online Resources

New website for parents to help their children catch-up

The department has launched an information site for parents, to support children of all age ranges and abilities catch up on lost learning from the pandemic. The site features advice and support for parents of children with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND), as well as programmes, resources and activities for children and young people this summer.

Further information can be found on the education catch-up for your child homepage.


Further resources for mathematics can be found here:

Click Here For Hegarty Maths

Click Here For Eedi Maths (Create an account to access the Eedi maths summer school resources)



The CAM Academy Trust is providing access to online training and development for young people through a website called Anspear. Students will be emailed individual logins to this on their school email account. 

Click Here For Anspear