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Year 11 and 13 potential awarding of grades

19th March 2020

As announced by the Prime Minister no year 11 and 13 student wil sit any examinations this summer. The question we are all asking – how will the grades be awarded so that no student is disadvantaged?

Staff at SPS have been working to ‘forecast’ a grade for year 11 and 13 students. This grade is based on what staff believe students could achieve in the summer examinations but taking into account such points as:-

  • Any coursework / unit examinations already achieved and the proportion of marks each is worth
  • The improvement we would expect to see when students resit any unit examinations

Due to the number of students taking a wide variety of courses the combinations of examinations is large. Therefore it is difficult to give a brief description how the forecast grades are calculated that covers all the combinations of examinations that our students are taking.

The mechanism that I believe the examination board will use to award grades is a tried and trusted method used by examination boards for awarding grades to students who cannot sit their examinations for legitimate reasons. We as professionals are used to this methodology with ‘forecast’ grades ready to be submitted to the examination boards when requested. Please note that the grade will not be revealed to students / parents.

In time I hope that we can arrange a discussion between relevant staff and students at SPS during the next few weeks as we support students to prepare for their progression into further / higher education or employment.

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