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Students celebrate GCSE results at St Peter’s School

22nd August 2019

Students at St Peter’s School are celebrating after receiving their GCSE results today. The students’ results have significantly improved compared to last year, with three times as many grades being the highest possible grade 9.

38 grades awarded were the highest 9 grades, awarded to the very highest performers in the country for each subject. This is a significant improvement on the 13 received last year.

The school is also expecting to see, when the validated results are published later this year, that the core subjects of English and Maths will have performed above the national average.

Almost 100% of students achieved a Grade 5 or higher in the three science subjects of Biology (97%), Chemistry (97%) and Physics (97%).

The number of students achieving a ‘strong pass’ (9-5 grade) in both English and Maths has also risen to 40% this year.

Christopher Bennet, Headteacher of St Peter’s School, said: “These results clearly show the excellent results that our students, supported by our staff, can achieve.

“The success of students demonstrates the improvements being made at St Peter’s which are supporting our students to attain higher qualifications, giving them greater opportunities for the rest of their lives.”

The school recorded exceptional results in a number of subjects, including:

  • Biology – 97% 9-5 grades
  • Chemistry – 97% 9-5 grades
  • Physics – 97% 9-5 grades
  • Music – 83% 9-5 grades
  • Art – 71% 9-5 grades
  • English – 58% 9-5 grades
  • Sports Studies – 55% 9-5 grades


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