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Return to school in January

1st January 2021

Dear Parents / Carers,


Happy new year!


Thank you for your patience as we react to the government’s recent announcements. To confirm the arrangements in place:-


Monday 4th January

School is closed


Tuesday 5th

School is closed


Wednesday 6th – Friday 8th

School is open to:-


  • Year 11 and 13 students who have a timetabled external / mock examination. Whilst the government intends that all year 11 and 13 students will be sitting their examinations this summer let’s be honest – no one knows what the situation will be and therefore we must prepare for the worst. If your child does not attend these examinations and we have to submit a grade to the examination bodies the absence of your child from these examinations may negatively affect the grade we might have to submit


  • Year 13 – Mrs Matthew wrote to these students before the end of last term regarding arrangements for the mock exams, students are to contact Mrs Matthew with any questions about the content of this letter


  • Students who have been identified as vulnerable or whose parents are critical workers. Note the definitions of both have changed since the first national lockdown. If you have contacted the school to ask for your child to attend school, please ensure that you send your child to school from Wednesday 6th January. If you believe you are a critical worker or that your child is vulnerable (e.g. are medically critically vulnerable) and you have not yet contacted the school please do so booking a place for your child. If you are sending your child to school:-


  • Start times / entrances will be as per normal i.e. different year groups have different entrances at different times. Remember the entrances for years 7 and 8 have changed to 7 – swimming pool gate and 8 HYC / Wicks gates,  but the times remain the same


  • Lunchtimes will be staggered as per normal (cold food might only be available whilst staff order the correct quantities of food)


  • Students will follow their normal timetable being taught by staff on site (this means that some classes will only have 6 students attending on site) e.g. if they normally have PE on a Tuesday then students can wear PE kit on a Tuesday


  • School transport (i.e. buses) will run as per normal



Students not on site

  • Remote learning will be available through Teams – as staff deliver the lessons to students who are on site, those students who are off site can join in through Teams. Some printed paper based resources will be made available for collection from reception. Please note I aim for students to have 5 hours of remote learning per day which is beyond the government’s expectation, but please be patient as we organise staff to run the sessions efficiently as some staff require further training


  • Free School Meals – if your child is eligible to receive a Free School Meal this can be booked through reception ready for collection from 11.30am each day your child is not due to attend school



From Monday 11th - Friday 15th January


  • Year 12 students who have examinations are expected to attend with some revision sessions being offered by staff with further information being sent at the start of next week


  • Students who have been identified as vulnerable or whose parents are critical workers are expected back on site


  • All year 11 and 13 students are expected to be on site as per normal following their timetabled lessons. If you have a concern about sending your child onto site please contact the pastoral teams who can discuss your individual situation with yourself. Note the government expects students to attend and therefore we are expected to follow up any absence



From Monday 18th January


All students are currently expected to attend school as per normal



Thank you again for your support. I intend to update parents again on Monday 4th January about the testing but as of yet I have no further information on this.


Please keep safe and well,


Christopher Bennet

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