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Covid and Start of Term Update

29th December 2020

Dear Parents / Carers,


I hope that everyone is safe and well.


I am contacting you to inform you of some changes to the start of next term. Some of these arrangements you will have seen in the media:-


  • Monday 4th January – Training day for staff as already published


  • Tuesday 5th January – the school will be closed for an additional day to allow staff to be trained in delivering the Fast Flow CV19 tests


  • Wednesday 6th January until Friday 8th – All of year 11 and 13 students are expected to be in school along with those students whose parents are critical workers / or are identified as vulnerable. Thank you to those parents who have already booked their children into school. In years 7 – 10 there will be one class of students, with all other students accessing their timetabled lessons through Teams. If your child has difficulty in accessing Teams please contact the reception team.


  • If your child is in receipt of a Free School Meal – these can be ordered via email / telephone call to the reception team and collected from the school


Currently I cannot inform you of when the testing of students will start as the kits are not due to be delivered until next week but please note:-


  • Parents’ permission is required for the tests to be completed – permission slips will be sent home from Monday 4th January


  • Tests are voluntary. If you do not want your child to receive a test they will of course still be able to come to school.


  • If the test is positive you will be asked to collect your child who will need to self-isolate until the result of a ‘normal’ test has been received


  • If the test is negative a further test will need to be taken within 5 days


We obviously have a lot to arrange and communicate to parents which is why Tuesday 5th January will be an additional training day with the school closed to students and parents.


Thank you for your support and patience,


Christopher Bennet


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