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Covid Update 04 Nov 20

4th November 2020

Dear Parents, Carers and Students,


With regard to the national lockdown from tomorrow 5th November. After reviewing the guidance we have to follow, we will  from tomorrow morning expect the following:


  • Face coverings
  1. Students / staff to wear face coverings before the start of every lesson and when moving around the school buildings.


  1. Pastoral staff will circulate within their year groups distributing disposable facemasks during these times to those students who do not have one


  1. Face coverings are to be worn by all staff / students within the buildings – they are not to be worn during lessons (some staff / students may wear a face covering in the classroom if a personal risk assessment identifies this as a requirement)


  • Potential staff absence – please note that a significant proportion of our staff are classed as Clinically Extremely Vulnerable. Currently I cannot confirm which of these staff (if any) will be working at school from tomorrow onwards. In the first instance, this could mean that more lessons than usual are without their normal classroom teacher. I must warn you, that if the number of teaching staff who are absent for the period of the national lockdown is unsustainable, significantly disrupting the orderly running of the school  and negatively impacting upon students’ learning experiences, I may need to take drastic action to ensure that the students who are on the school site receive a more consistent experience.


  • Visitor numbers will be further restricted


  • Response time to parental enquiries – please expect these to be even longer than normal as I am anticipating we will have many concerned / worried students to support


I appreciate these changes are sudden but I am positive that by working together we can continue to provide the care and guidance our students currently receive whilst supporting those who are more vulnerable.


Thank you,


Christopher Bennet

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