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Science: Key Stage 3

Year 7 starts with introduction to science lessons during which students will learn understanding of safety in the lab, designing and undertaking practical’s and displaying results. After which they will put their understanding into practise through a space mission topic. From then on KS3 follows the AQA KS3 syllabus (for more information see: ). We have written a scheme of work that enables students to revisit and expand their understanding of science skills whilst introducing them to key theories of science.



Term 1

Term 2

Term 3


How to be a scientist

B1 – Cells

C1 – Particle Theory

P1 – Gravity and Space

Assessment 1

B2 – Human body

C2 – Separating mixtures

P2 – Speed

Assessment 2


B3 – Plant and Human reproduction

B4 – Ecosystems and food chains

C3 – Elements

C4 - Substances

P3 – Contact Forces

Assessment 3


B5 – Respiration and Photosynthesis

B6 – Adaptation and variation

C5 – Periodic Table

C6 – Types of reactions

P4 – Density and pressure

Assessment 4

B7 – Inheritance and evolution

C7 – Chemical energy

P5 – Work

P6 Energy costs and energy transfer

Assessment 5

C8 0 Earths structure

C9 – Earths resources

P7 – Heating and Cooling

P8 – Magnets, Current, Voltage and electromagnets

Assessment 6