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Post 16 Results

Press Statement

St Peter’s is a school which believes in giving all students the opportunity and support to reach their ambitions with 49% of students achieving A* - C grades. Staff who have delivered the following courses are celebrating the notable successes of their students who achieved significant outcomes

  A* - C (%)
Art 80
EPQ 100
Further Maths 100
English Language 91
Physics 75
Sports Studies 80% (Distinction)
Fitness 78% (Distinction)

In particular, I am proud of our staff who have worked tirelessly to teach and guide students who are achieving their aspiration of progressing onto university or a high-quality apprenticeship. Overall, 45% students have accepted a place at university with 33% of students who live in the most challenging circumstances progressing to university compared to 22% nationally with many of these students being the first to be given the opportunity to attend university in the history of their family.

15% of our students are heading off to Russell Group universities to study History, Maths and Engineering.

We are especially impressed with the resilience displayed by those students who faced significant challenges in their lives, but who, through working with staff, have achieved their aspiration.